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  Bloggers seem to be split when it comes to the topic of the summer holidays. Some see it as a chance to create lots of great posts, since you’ve got more time and less commitments. You might be going on holiday, doing new activities or taking day trips – all great stuff to take […]


A blogger from France has been fined €1,500 (around $2,000 or £1,200), after a court found that her negative review of a restaurant was showing up too highly in Google and unfairly affecting the restaurant’s business. The blogger, Caroline Doudet, was also told to change the title of the post, which has now been deleted. […]

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Here at KBC we love to find out about kids being creative, so we were delighted to hear from 10-year-old author Siddharth Patil from Maryland, USA who has just published his first book Will the Penguin.  Filled with vivid Antarctic wildlife, this story follows a lonely and bullied penguin on a journey through the Antarctic. […]


  We’ve often said that images are key to a great blog, and best of all is if you create your own images. But what to do if you’ve taken more photos than you can use, or if you want to fit lots of photos into the same post? You could make a photo collage, […]

blogging in school

For many bloggers, blogging isn’t something that you teach or take a class in, it’s just something that you jump right in and do. But nowadays many schools and teachers around the world are incorporating blogging into the classroom, either as something to study on its own, or to support other projects. So how can […]

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Hopefully, as a kid blogger, you won’t have too many nasty comments to deal with. People, at least the decent ones, are generally a bit nicer when you’re a child. But from time to time you may find that an unpleasant comment pops up on your blog. There are lots of reasons why this might […]

30 quick blogging tips

    Think you haven’t got time to learn about blogging? Think again. Ready, set, go…… Blog about something you love Be interesting. This is easy if you are already interested in whatever you’re blogging about. See point 1. Blog as often as you have something to say that deserves to be shared Don’t just […]

vertbaudet design competition

Clothing company Vertbaudet has launched an international  design competition aimed at children aged 8 and under – perhaps your little brother or sister is a budding mini designer and would like to take part? The competition: Vertbaudet invites all children up to 8 years old to design a hoody of their dreams. This can feature […]


We had a great response to our recent list of great new blogs written by children. And many of you told us about your own blogs that you’ve been writing recently, on all sorts of topics from food to sports to gaming to…goldfish?! So here are some of the best new kids’ blogs for you […]

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    Here’s news of a new writing competition for kids that anyone can enter, no matter where in the world you live. Tell It My Way would like to invite you to enter their exclusive contest honoring Earth Day –  Fairytales from the Forest: Retell the Classics Each week until May 31, 2014, writers are […]

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