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Harry Potter music concert

    We know that many of you are huge Harry Potter fans, so we just wanted to let you know that there’s a new series of Harry Potter music concert events coming to London. They sound really cool, combining a screening of a favourite HP film with live music. The live music version of […]

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We have a wonderful new blog for you this week as our Kid Blog Star of the Week – say hello to twelve-year-old Fizzy, star of Quirky Girl Studio       We love the ethos behind this blog.  Quirky Girl Studio is aimed at young people, and the main message is to be yourself. Well, you […]

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summer blog post

  School’s out (or nearly finished) – so what are your blogging plans this summer? Perhaps you’ll be taking a complete break, or you could be using the extra free time to blog more than ever? It’s your blog, so it’s your choice. If you do plan on blogging this summer, here are some summer […]

Something new and very special for you this week from the latest Kid Blog Star of the Week – for the first time we’re featuring a music blog in the form of My Trumpet and Me.     This blog is the story of an 11-year-old girl from London and her trumpet. This talented musician […]

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BBC's Cell Spellman with winners of the WWF-UK Plant2Plate competition. Student's Cottage Pie recipe created by students at The The Oval Primary School, Yardley, Birmingham received the £1000 prize.

  A group of children from the UK are celebrating today as they scooped up first prize in a prestigious recipe competition. BBC Radio 1 DJ Cel Spellman presented children from The Oval Primary School in Birmingham with the prize for winning the WWF’s Plant2Plate recipe competition. Oval Allotment Cottage Pie, made using fresh ingredients grown on […]


Happy Friday! Today we are honoured to have a guest post from Pia Khurana, a successful ten-year-old model and actress from India. These are dream jobs for many people, and Pia wanted to share with you just what it’s like to do them for real:   Hiiii! I am Pia, a passionate child artist and […]

Twitter for bloggers book

Exciting times today, as we bring you news of a new ebook all about Twitter for bloggers, straight from the heart of KBC. Twitter for Journalists, Authors and Bloggers is written by KidsBlogClub editor and founder Joanne Mallon. It explains Twitter in a very practical and easy-to-understand way for anyone who wants to use it to promote […]

Say hello to a wonderful Kid Blog Star of the Week – it’s Zoe from Kids’ Animal Station       Zoe is now 12 and has been writing her blog since she was eight, so that makes her a veteran in kid blogging terms. She loves animals, and she loves writing, so the blog […]


We know that many of you like to take pictures of plants, animals and wildlife for your blogs. So here’s a way to develop your photography skills and perhaps even win a sought-after prize. The Royal Horticultural Society is calling on children and garden enthusiasts of all ages to enter the RHS photography competition. You […]

tsum tsum squishies playset

      Today we have our cutest ever giveaway, as one lucky reader is going to win a fabulous prize bundle of the latest TSUM TSUM toys. TSUM TSUM Squishies (pronounced zoom zoom) are the adorable Disney craze sweeping the UK. Originating from a Japanese smartphone app, the TSUM TUM Squishies toys have been a […]

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