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Our last headphones giveaway was ENORMOUSLY popular, so Vibe Audio have very kindly provided another pair of exclusive headphones for you to win. This time it’s the turn of Little Mix fans to win some stylish audio accessories. We’re giving away a pair of Little Mix zip cable headphones worth £9.99. This official Little Mix […]


  A new survey carried out by children’s newspaper First News has found that 77% of children have nothing to say to the rest of their family. They admit to running out of things to talk about when the family is together at the breakfast and dinner table. First News is now urging parents to […]


A UK TV series is looking to find Britain’s brainiest children – could it be you? Or do you know an extraordinary child who’d like to take part? Channel 4’s Child Genius is returning in 2015 for a third series to explore the extraordinary lives of gifted children and their families Production company Wall to […]

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Several high profile Youtubers have been told off by the Advertising Standards Authority after a BBC Newsround investigation found that they hadn’t made it clear enough that certain videos had been paid for by brands. This video from AmazingPhil, who has over 2 million subscribers, is one example. Although it’s in the style of his […]


We have a fabulous giveaway for you today – only the BEST HAT EVER – the PLAYMOhair beanie Check this out: How often have you wanted to look like a PLAYMOBIL figure? Here at KBC it’s a daily occurrence. But never again will you have a bad hair day with your very own PLAYMOBIL beanie […]

We have a fabulous, easy to enter giveaway for you today for to win some exclusive headphones. For any fans of The Vamps, these headphones need to go straight to the top of your Christmas list – what better way to listen to the band’s latest hits? And if you win our giveaway, you won’t […]


  Are you on school holidays right now? Lots of kids around the world are enjoying a half term break so we hope you are able to take a rest from school work and get out and kick a few leaves. So what would be great to blog about right now? Here are a few […]

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    Are you thinking about Christmas toys yet? We are. Yesterday KidsBlogClub was invited to Dream Toys, an annual event for the Toy Retailers Association to reveal its top picks for Christmas 2014 toys. So what made the list this year? And do you agree with their selection? This is what toy companies think […]

doctor who coding game

One of the things we like about blogging is that it is super easy to do. Anyone can get a free blog going very quickly, and you don’t need any specialist knowledge to start. You will learn stuff as you go along, but that’s part of the fun of it all. Some people will want […]

one cat's opinion on blog reviews

Reviewing has always been very popular on blogs because let’s face it, it’s fun to share cool stuff you love so that other people can enjoy it too. You could review a place you’ve visited, a book you’ve read, a game you’ve played or a movie you’ve seen – anything that you think is worth […]

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