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10 ideas for Autumn blog posts
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Are you on school holidays right now? Lots of kids around the world are enjoying a half term break so we hope you are able to take a rest from school work and get out and kick a few leaves.

So what would be great to blog about right now? Here are a few ideas for blog posts about Autumn (or Fall if you prefer!) to get you started

  1. Write about how you celebrate Halloween
    This varies so much around the world, from people who don’t celebrate at all, to those who throw a full blown party. What do you like to do at Halloween? Maybe you could include a picture of your costume.
  2. Write a short story or a poem about Autumn
    This season has inspired some of the world’s greatest writers – how will it inspire you?
  3. What are you wearing?
    As the seasons change, how is your fashion and style changing?
  4. What are you reading?
    If you’re cosying up indoors with a book, what is it? Recommend some books that your readers might enjoy too, from new releases to old favorites.
  5. Pumpkin carving
    Did you make a really cool pumpkin? Why not share it on your blog?
  6. Autumn leaves
    The leaves are really beautiful right now with all their changing colors. You could take a photo, draw a picture or make a video about them.
  7. Easy Autumn craft ideas to decorate the house
    What could you make with those leaves that have fallen from the trees?
  8. Autumn recipes
    What are you cooking this Fall? Whether it’s pumpkin pie, hot chocolate or apple crumble, you can share an autumn recipe with your readers this harvest season
  9. Christmas plans
    Come on, I bet you’ve got some by now?
  10. Your top 5 best things about Autumn
    Or top 10 if you are a big Fall fan

Leave a link to your Autumn blog posts below


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4 Comments to “10 ideas for Autumn blog posts”

  1. mickieTT says:

    I love to have a half tearm holiday and it was so long

  2. Jasmine says:

    Thanks I’ve used one of your ideas on my blog check it out.

  3. Noor says:

    This is great! Autumn is over for me but I will use some of these and change them around for winter!

  4. Thanks for your post…Excellent blog

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