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5 tips for creating a blog post

This post contains some great advice about how to create and promote your blog posts from 9 year old Noor who blogs at The Adventures of a Wonder Kid

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Noor writes:

I often have a lot of trouble figuring out how and what to post for my blog.

Sometimes it takes me hours. But now I’ve figured out secrets that I would love

to share with you.


Here are my Top 5 Tips To Creating A Blog Post:

1. Think of a topic.

Finding a topic to post about is hard. What do you normally post about? Do you have a review blog? Review about a book or movie you’ve just seen. Lifestyle

blog? Well, what happened today that was interesting? Did you see something on your way home from school that caught your eye? I bring my Blog Notebook

to school. I take notes (not during class of course) on interesting things. For example: If an author visited my school, maybe I could review his/her books. If

you have different pages, look at those pages. Which topic have you not posted about in a long time?


2. Write it up

Almost all of us have learned in school about the writing process:

Prewrite- Write a rough draft (a first piece)

Proofread- Proofread that rough draft. Cross out things and add things.

Write your final- Use the hints you gave yourself while proofreading to type up a great post on your blog.

Use these things to write up the post.


3. Play around!

Mess around with the font, maybe the color! You can add fun little things like pictures, quotes, polls, etc. For pictures I would use Picmonkey a free online

website to edit pictures. Add text, create border, and maybe play around with the filter and colors! Pictures are always great eye-candy and drag people

towards your blog.


4. Proofread

This is what you did before but now look over the whole entire post. Is everything spelled correctly, are the pictures looking nice? Make it the best you

can make your post. This might take a bit but it’s worth it!


5. Publish and promote

Now click publish (duh) and congrats! You’ve created an awesome blog post! But the process isn’t done yet. Now, to get people to SEE the post. How?

Use social networks (with parent’s permission) like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also to promote your blog in general, make blogging friends! Find

awesome kid bloggers on KBC to guest post with. This will direct traffic to your blog and to the other person’ blog. Win-win situation! Be sure to comment on

other people’s blogs too. This way they’ll know about you.


These are my tips and I hope they will be as useful to you as they were to me!

Happy Blogging,


Thank you Noor! Check out Noor’s blog at Adventures of a Wonder Kid

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  1. Mary says:

    Some great tips here.

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    Hi Noor – great post and some fab tips.

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    this stuff is decent can you make it better

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  6. ben says:

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    People you can’t just say hi – not the point of commenting!!!

  8. Lexie says:

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  9. Lexie says:

    Every one can talk through my comments

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    that’s not possible at all

  11. ain says:

    hi..nice tips to newbie like me

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  13. Ines says:

    I’m Lexie’s sister Ines. Great tips I’m sure they’ll work for my blog.

  14. PIE EATER says:

    Hi I have a newish blog could you Please Please come check it out? Here’s the link—–>  I’m Not Meaning To milk off this blog, that’s just how it’s done.

  15. linda says:

    I love your blogging tips.

  16. Elmridge Kid says:

    Hiya! Elmridge Kid here! I really enjoyed your blog. The information really helped me.
    Thanks for the tips. They really helped. I hope you become a succesful blogger and you keep up with the work.
    From Elmridge Kid

  17. Alex Marsh says:

    This content is a must-read for all writers. I never understood the importance of proofreading but after reading this I can understand how important it is.

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