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5 ways to get more traffic to your blog


So you’ve written a fabulous blog post. Your dad likes it, your cat likes it, but is anybody else actually going to read it?



If you are a child who blogs then you may not have a Twitter feed, Facebook page or other social media networks to tell when you’ve published a new post. So how do you let people who might enjoy reading your posts know that your blog exists?


Here are 5 easy ideas:

  1. Tell us about it
    Here at KBC we are very happy to share children’s blog posts via our pages on Facebook and G+ or on Twitter. Send us a link (or ask your parent to) and let us know what you want shared. And if you’re on those networks, please follow us and support your fellow kid bloggers. Big up somebody else’s blog and one day they will do the same for you.
  2. Tell anybody mentioned in your post about it
    If you review a book – tell the author. Likewise if you mention a local activity, attraction or restaurant. Email or tweet them (or get your parent to) and they may then share your post with their social networks. Obviously this is a less good idea if you’ve given a bad review, in which case you might want to hide behind a sofa and hope they never find you.
  3. Write about stuff that nobody else does
    It’s very easy to get lost in Google if you’re writing about the same stuff that a bajillion other people are doing. The more individual your posts, the more likely they are to stand out and do better in search engines. So discovering a great new band, obscure TV show or just having particularly random thoughts are all good things. No matter how random you are, there are probably people interested in the same stuff as you and those people are your tribe.
  4. Leave comments on other blogs
    Most commenting systems will let you leave a link to your own site. But only comment when you have something to say – Hey, great site probably won’t cut it. Prove that you have read the post and have something interesting to say and people are more likely to click on your link back to your site. And if another blogger leaves a comment on your site then it’s polite for you to go and take look at their blog and possibly leave a comment.
  5. Guest post for other sites
    If you write a post for somebody else’s blog, it introduces their audience to you. Not every blog will carry guest posts because some bloggers prefer to keep it to their own voice only. So don’t be offended if you offer to guest post and you don’t get a yes. A great thing to do can be for you and another blogger to write a guest post for each other’s blogs. And we always welcome guest posts from kid bloggers and their parents here so get in touch if you want to write for us.

And if you’re reading this and thinking – where do I find other blogs to comment on or write guest posts for? – take a look in our brilliant blogs section and you’ll find lots of links.

What has worked for you to bring traffic to your blog? Leave a comment below


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  1. Leilah says:

    This was helpfull,and I hope it will create traffic on my blog.thanks 😉

  2. Shelby says:

    Do you mind telling about my blog?

  3. Samsara says:

    Guest posting for other site is good idea. I once posted on KBC in the traffic to my blog was amazing.

  4. ines says:

    hi i’ve just stared my own blog ( ) and i needed to get more traffic so this has been very helpful 🙂

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