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8 ways to promote your next blog post

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If a tree falls down in the woods but no one hears it, does it still make a sound? If you write an amazing blog post but no one reads it, is it still awesome?

Yes we know you may have written some fabulous blog posts, but wouldn’t it be great if more people read them? If you want people to come and read your posts then you have to do something to let people know that your blog exists. If you don’t care if people read your blog or not, that’s fine too. It’s absolutely OK to just write for your own enjoyment and not do any promotion other than that.

But if you do want a few more people to join your party, here are some easy ways to promote your next blog post:

  1. Post it to Google Plus
    G+ is a funny kind of network which most regular people don’t use all that much. But since it’s owned by Google, as soon as you put a link on it, your post will get noticed by the main Google search engine. So even if nobody ever sees or clicks on that link, the fact that it exists is valuable and worth doing.
  2. Email a link to somebody
    Just anybody you think might be interested in your post – maybe a relative or friend. If that person is active on social media then they might promote it to their network on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Share it on Twitter and Facebook
    Or you or your parents could use social media to promote your posts. You can post a link to your blog post more than once – just don’t do it too often so people don’t feel spammed. Leave at least 3 hours between tweeting links to your post.
  4. Include social media sharing buttons on all your posts
    Make it easy for your readers to share the posts they enjoy on social media. This is usually easy to activate via the settings on your blog’s dashboard.
  5. Tweet it to @kidsblogclub
    Tweet us your link and we will be happy to retweet it to our followers.
  6. Leave a comment on 5 other blogs
    This is a bit more time consuming but is a great way to bring long term readers to your blog.
  7. Pin the image from your post to Pinterest
    Pinterest is great for attracting long term traffic and can be great fun to use.
  8. Include a video in your post
    Posts with videos tend to come up higher in search engine searches, so either make one yourself or include something from YouTube that’s relevant to your post.

OK this isn’t relevant at all, but we like it


How do you promote your blog posts?

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53 Comments to “8 ways to promote your next blog post”

  1. Theo Matthew and Samuel says:

    The kittens are cute I loved the picture.

  2. Archie , James and Brendan says:

    We All love kittens as well. What a great picture and we know you from school Theo Matthew and Samuel.

  3. Archie , James and Brendan says:

    We All love kittens as well. What a great picture and we know you from school Theo Matthew and Samuel.

  4. Theo Matthew and Samuel says:

    We love kittens they are our favourite pets so we loved the picture so much.

  5. Archie , James and Brendan says:

    Us to, we love kittens SOOOOOOOO much more than Samuel Matthew and Theo

  6. Tom says:

    The kittens are supercute but ASDF is SUPERCOOOOOL! Giant flying sheep!

  7. maryam says:

    Those kittens are so puit

  8. maryam says:

    Those kittens are so buttful

  9. james says:

    I think kittens are really cute.

  10. melissa says:

    the kittens look adorable and i love all the informatoin it is funny for the rest of my life

  11. tolade says:

    I like the vidio

  12. leyla says:

    I liked the vidio

  13. amina says:

    The kittens are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. iris says:

    amina are you on lets chat ‘you know BFF chat

  15. iris says:

    amina are you on lets chat ‘you know BFF chat

  16. Melissa says:

    i have watched this video 100000 times before on youtube

  17. AZEL says:


  18. Farhin says:

    it was soo funny and the kittens are sooo C.U.T.E

  19. Jake says:

    its brave what you are doing
    Keep on doing it this jakedesousa from 4p good luck ps hope you can git better

  20. Jake says:

    It’s Jake from4p

  21. redwan says:

    jake why are u being rude to seary tell me idiot

  22. redwan says:

    jake why are u being rude to seary tell me idiot

  23. seray says:

    this cats are very nice and also the film was funny to.

  24. Azel says:

    lol the video is really funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. nemanja says:

    Hi josh lol.

  26. elmridgekid says:

    those kittens are so cute like my cats ;]
    and asdf movies are so cool :]

  27. elmridge kid says:

    I love the ASDF video

  28. ElMriDgE kId says:

    i loved this vid and that gave me Ideas

  29. elmridgekid says:

    i love the cute picture of the kittens.
    Theyre soooooooooo cute!
    The video is quite funny too made me lol


    see ya!

  30. Elmridgekid says:

    I love the vid beacause I watch he vids on youtube tomskat is the youtuber

  31. ELMRIDGE KID says:

    The ASDF was great and all the information was brilliant, it helped me lots !!!



  32. Elmridgekid says:

    I like your blog its awesome I particularly like the video it is really funny.

  33. zenab says:

    hey people
    i just wanted to say i LOVE the cute pictures of the cats there so cute!and i enjoyed the ASDF video it made me laugh.

  34. Carys Lee says:

    Hey People,
    That’s very cute pictures of cats you having there.

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