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Are you a top kid vlogger?

We love highlighting fantastic kids’ blogs here on KBC, but we know many of you have now branched out beyond the blog and are creating all sorts of other cool stuff.

Vlogging (video blogging) is a great creative hobby because you can make any kind of film you want to. As a kid vlogger you can either be in front of camera or directing the action from behind the scenes.

As always, get your parents’ permission before you launch your channel and upload anything. Youtube commenters can sometimes be unkind, so get your parents to manage comments. If you prefer, the channel can be private, or all comments can be set for approval before they’re published.

Maybe you could make a fun music video like Libby and her sister Sarah (if you’ve got enough stuffed animals!)




or perhaps a Minecraft video like 11-year-old Mr Turtle Gaming



or a GoPro point-of-view action film like Mojang Builder




Have you made any cool videos you’d like to share? Leave a link in the comments so we can see. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your own vlogging, check these guys out and subscribe to their channels

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8 Comments to “Are you a top kid vlogger?”

  1. Simon says:

    Here is a cool video about the biggest water festival on Earth – Songkran in Thailand. You really get wet there 🙂 🙂
    Have fun!

  2. Lexie says:

    I’ve actually just started vlogging as well (3 days ago). My first video was just an introduction and a book review on Zoella’s Girl Online! The vlog can be viewed here:

  3. Detox Girl says:

    such a cute video!

  4. Spenni :D says:

    No but i want to be. Can you Help?

  5. abi :) says:

    love your vlog

  6. KJ says:

    I’ve just started vlogging. I would love to share what I’ve already done on YouTube with you and I would like to hear about others.

    Please visit my YouTube Channel: KJz Trendz

    I’d like to share my latest video: Extreme Makeover – Boy’s Disco Bedroom at:

    I’d love more subscribers and I’ll subscribe to theirs.

    Thank you.

  7. Our daughter Mia Bella Tuft is vlogging to help children get fit and “healfy” we would love your opinion!

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