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Blog about your mum for Mother’s Day
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Every day is Mother's day really

Every day is Mother’s day really

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK, and the blogging mums have already started posting about it. Some are giving hints for possible gifts and others are having a right good moan and announcing themselves to be thoroughly fed up with the whole business.

If you’re a kid blogger, how about giving your mum a present that money can’t buy – her very own blog post tribute.

Last year on Eljae we liveblogged all of Mother’s day, which was a lot of fun and a nice way to remember the day (though on reading back it appears that I did the ironing twice – Quelle horreur!)

Think about what it is that you love about your mum – what does she do for you that’s special? What sort of fun do you have together? What are 5 things you think are great about her? What would you like to say Thank You to her for?

You could write a poem for your mum, draw, take a picture or make a video.

As always when you’re blogging about another person don’t give her full name, job or where you live. She’ll still know it’s about her.

If you are really organised you can use the schedule feature in your blog dashboard so your post publishes on Mother’s Day. Just don’t wake your mum up too early to read it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums of bloggers.


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  1. Momsters says:

    Nice Blog, Cheers!!! Its always a pleasure to read blogs from growing up kids!!!

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