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Can you help create #lastingchange with Team Honk for Sport Relief?

Team Honk is about bloggers raising money and awareness for Comic Relief. To celebrate International Women’s Day today, a group of bloggers from Team Honk are currently in Tanzania. The bloggers are finding out how donations to Sport Relief last year have created female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families and communities and beyond. They’ve sent us this postcard:SAMSUNG CSC


This is a Bertha. She is a food producer in Dar es Salaam who has received support from the Gatsby Trust. Bertha makes three different types of wine, garlic paste and a flour used to make porridge.

In addition to making products she is also now training other women to do the same. Bertha works from a processing plant that she built herself at the back of her property, with room dedicated to each part of her business.

How can you help inspirational women like Bertha?

GIVE 5 MINUTES Please retweet, share and support any updates you see with the #lastingchange hashtag

DONATE You can help create #lastingchange by sponsoring #teamhonkrelay for Sport Relief

GET INVOLVED Join up for your local Sport Relief event here. Perhaps you could write a blog post about what you’re doing to support Sport relief?

Thanks for helping to create #lastingchange

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3 Comments to “Can you help create #lastingchange with Team Honk for Sport Relief?”

  1. sara says:

    I enjoyable read and I have more than a few similarities with you likewise re backing a trailer and struggle with technology and marvel at how much better the kids are than me have only just got the hang of facebook you are a mile in front of me re twitter well played you !

  2. Howdy my own loved one! I must say that benefits and drawbacks amazing, wonderful published and include somewhere around all important infos. I would like to notice added discussions such as this .

  3. emma says:

    Awe KC this is so sweet… I bet she really appreciates all the effort you put into sending her pictures and updates… how lucky you have been able to meet… I would love to meet you sometime too… who knows what the future holds xox

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