Blogging our way through life!

Blogging can be a great hobby to bring the family together and today we have a wonderful guest post for you from a family who do just that. The Gribbon family in Northern Ireland blog together with mum Karen and her three daughters aged 10, 6 and 3 at Raising Mighty Girls. Blogging in a […]


    We’ve told you before about awesome young authors who’ve had books published even as young as aged 10 – like Heather, Marusa,and Siddharth. Now a new service has launched to help more authors of all ages unleash their creativity and get published. So if you’ve written a book for children, you could be […]

Happy 2nd Birthday

We’re back from our summer break, and would you believe it that KBC is now two years old! We’ve been sharing information, news and opportunities for kid bloggers and their parents for the last couple of years, and plan to go on doing so as long as you keep visiting the site. And unlike most […]

blogging in school

For many bloggers, blogging isn’t something that you teach or take a class in, it’s just something that you jump right in and do. But nowadays many schools and teachers around the world are incorporating blogging into the classroom, either as something to study on its own, or to support other projects. So how can […]

Ebuyer raising the digital generation_101.04.14

Tech site ebuyer has compiled an infographic showing the latest research into the rise and rise of digital devices among children aged 3-15. If there’s one thing this generation are, it’s switched on and connected. The key findings include: 72% of 12-15 year olds own three or more media devices Bet they don’t pay for […]


A new survey from parenting brand Moosicology has revealed parents’ top three ambitions for their children; with intelligence, an appreciation of culture and financial security topping the list. Parents, what do you think? Do you agree with these findings? What are your top 3 ambitions for your kids? Kids, what ambitions do you have for […]


Today we’re joined by Dr Bex Lewis from Durham University, author of Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion Hudson, 2014). She’s been featured on BBC Radio 2 ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, and in The Daily Telegraph and is Director of social media consultancy ‘Digital Fingerprint’. Dr Lewis writes: Like many children, Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds blog was started […]

family book club

Books are one of the most popular topics for children’s blogs. It’s great to share the books you love with others. So have you ever thought of starting a book group in your own family? You know what they say – the family that reads together gets smarter together. OK, nobody says that. But they should. […]


Here’s a great review opportunity for any young bloggers within easy reach of London. The National Theatre would like to invite you to review their current production of Emil and the Detectives. For this classic tale of a boy learning to rely on himself – and on his new friends – the Olivier stage transforms into […]

safer internet day 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day, supported by over 500 organisations, including the BBC, Tesco, Microsoft, Disney Club Penguin, Facebook, Google and the NSPCC. So let’s remind ourselves of what you can do to stay safe on your blog. Here at KBC we think that having a blog is a great way for children to learn […]

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