Blogging our way through life!

This is a subject that comes up a lot in children’s blogging – should you have an anonymous blog, and if so how do you do it? Some kid bloggers are happy to have their identity on their blogs, and do so with their parents’ full consent. They see blogging as a way of gaining […]

where to start with your first blog post

  It’s one of the hardest blog posts you’ll ever write – your very first one. So where to start, when you could write about absolutely anything? Sometimes having too much choice can be worse than having no choice at all. But when you get into it, your first blog post needn’t be that hard […]


Continuing with the new term feel, let’s take a few minutes to tidy up your blog today. Often when you start a blog it’s in a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm. Then you get into the swing of writing each post, and it’s easy to forget about how the blog works as a whole. But […]

You’ve probably put in a lot of effort to writing posts for your blog and getting it looking pretty, but who’s going to read it? How do you get people to keep reading, and coming back to read more of what you’re posting? What is the secret to increasing blog traffic? Let’s find out: Here […]

  We’ve been getting lots of emails from people who are keen to start their first kid blog. Or, more accurately, we get emails from their parents who don’t really know much about blogging and aren’t sure where to start. So here are some common questions answered for those of you who are just starting […]

Last week I went to see a new school with my daughter and the English teacher said You know, for creativity we like it if all the pupils keep their own blog. That’s something we know all about here on KidsBlogClub, and we’ve been promoting creativity through blogging for several years now. It’s great to […]


This post is about how to get started writing reviews and how to engage with companies who might want to send you cool stuff to review.   How do I get started writing reviews? It’s very easy because all you have to do is start by reviewing things you’re interested in. It’s not like you […]


Blogging is essentially story telling. Whether you’re writing a review, giving an opinion or simply talking about your day; fiction, or non-fiction, it’s still telling stories. And the better you get at telling stories, the more your readers will want to return and see what you write about next. So here are some tips to […]


Today we have a wonderful guest post for you from a teenage blogger from South Carolina in the USA. Amanda is one of the founders of the SKG, a blog and magazine. She’s fifteen and has a passion for writing, graphic design, photography, videography, and soccer. Amanda (pictured here) runs her blog with her thirteen-year-old […]

Today we have a guest post for you from ten-year-old Lexie. Lexie’s a very experienced blogger and she’s got advice for anyone who is starting a new blog. Lexie’s looking at one of the toughest questions facing a new blogger – just what is your blog going to be about?   Hi there, my name […]

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