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Co-writing a blog – Should you blog with a friend?
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Writing a blog is really good fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

Do you have to do it alone? Should you share your blog with a co-writer – maybe a parent, friend, brother or sister?

Plus points of co-writing

  • Two can have more fun than one!
  • You can help each other out
  • Two brains = more ideas
  • It makes you better at co-operating and working as a team
  • One of you could do the words and one the illustrations
  • You can encourage each other to keep going

Down sides to co-writing

  • Two can also have more arguments than one!
  • What if you have an argument about what you want to blog about? (actually that could make a good post if you both give your points of view)
  • If you stop being friends, who gets to keep the blog?
  • What if one of you turns out to be much keener on blogging than the other?
  • What if you don’t like the other person’s posts?
  • You have to share your online space – though you could always go solo eventually!

Over at Eljae, which I co-write with my daughter, we’ve developed some ground rules: We discuss every post and we read each other’s posts before we publish them. We only publish when we’re both happy with the post, then we push the publish button together (while singing a song – you don’t have to do that but it’s fun).

Obviously it’s easier to do this if you live in the same house as your co-writer, but even if you don’t you can both have a log in to your blog.

Decide who does what and what the ground rules are going to be. Are you going to sit down and write posts together or will you each write separate posts?

And above all – have fun.

What do you think, would you co-write a blog or are blogs only built for one?

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2 Comments to “Co-writing a blog – Should you blog with a friend?”

  1. Samsara says:

    Yes, I also thought about it. I write and my friends illustrate. but is it alright to post in my blog as the name of website has my name on it?

  2. I write a blog with my brother. We write different posts but mostly the same things: Non-fiction and fiction posts about cats, dogs, birds, writing… I think the advantages of blogging together are more ideas and more frequent posting.

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