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Cressida Cowell to judge children’s writing competition
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Cressida Cowell, author of How to Train Your Dragon

Cressida Cowell, author of How to Train Your Dragon

Think you can write a story that’s good enough to impress the author of How to Train Your Dragon? Well here’s your chance as Cressida Cowell is judging this year’s National Young Writers’ Award.

You could even win a trip to Disneyland and a huge stack of books for your school.

And if you’re thinking that nobody you know ever wins competitions – consider this: the last time we featured a writing competition the winner turned out to be a KBC reader. Here’s A Calm Zoned Kid’s post all about her day as an editor of Girl Talk magazine.

So if you love writing stories, why not have a go at this competition? Even if you don’t win, you can always post your story on your blog.


How to enter

Children aged five to 14 are invited to write a 500 word short story on this year’s theme – “Around the World”.  The  competition is organised by tuition provider, Explore Learning, and will be open  for entries on Monday 15th April and closing on Monday  3rd June.


It is totally free to enter and the winner will be presented with their prize of a trip to Disneyland Paris for their whole family – and £500 worth of books for their school – by Cressida Cowell in June.

You can find more details and enter via this link


Heather Garrick from Explore Learning says: “Having Cressida on board is a fantastic  coup and we’re thrilled that she is involved.  She is a brilliant author  and illustrator who will inspire lots of children to give writing a try.   Many children have a gift for writing and it’s so important to nurture this from  an early age to build up confidence and, most importantly, have fun and develop  their imagination!”

Explore Learning will also be running free workshops with local libraries, schools and community  groups to inspire children’s love of writing and encourage them to get  involved.

Each Explore Learning centre will have their own regional  winner who will receive a trophy and have their story read by Cressida Cowell as  she selects the national winner.

Last year’s victor was seven year old Jamie Reger from  Surrey.  He won with his story “The Black and White Bear,” a tale about how  a cuddly bear links a boy to his distant past.

Heather adds: “We judge all our entries on their creative  approach, ingenuity and use of descriptive language – of course taking into  account their ages.  Last year thousands of children from all over the UK  entered and this year we hope to attract even more with Cressida on  board.”




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3 Comments to “Cressida Cowell to judge children’s writing competition”

  1. Cassy says:

    I like to make stories. And that competition sounds fun. mean I love How to train a dragon I love that book. My brother likes that book. So i mite just read your book again.

  2. eldeka says:

    i love this idea. me and my freind are writing it today and i have a feeling that this theme is great

  3. Mackenzie says:

    I would like to enter your competition to get one of your How To Train Your Dragon books

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