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Disney’s Moana helping kids to learn to code
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Great news for any of you who want to learn a little computer coding, but aren’t sure where to start. Disney have launched Moana: Wayfinding with Code. This free online tutorial offers an introduction to the basics of coding, featuring characters from the Disney film Moana.

Created in collaboration with, the free tutorial will be available in more than 180 countries and 23 languages, including Samoan Polynesian. Children all over the world are invited to take part. So what are you waiting for?


How to get involved: Disney Hour of Code Events:

Disney is working with leading organizations, hosting worldwide events for millions of parents and students to introduce kids to coding. These events include:

Apple Stores: All 487 Apple stores worldwide will host workshops featuring the Moana: Wayfinding with Code tutorial during their Hour of Code session  from December 5 to the 11th. will feature the Moana: Wayfinding with Code tutorial on its site and will educate thousands of teachers and community leaders about how to use the Disney tutorial in their lessons.  You can register participation in a Disney Hour of Code here: Tell your teacher about this!

Family Code Night:  Moana: Wayfinding with Code is also for families and home schoolers.  Parents and educators can sign up today to receive the free Moana Family Code Night Event Kit, which will ship out in January.

Family Code Night is a delightful event at which children and their parents do their first hour of coding, together, as part of a whole-school evening program that any school can put on.  Sign up for the free kit today at Tell your teachers about this one too!


Moana: Wayfinding with Code Tutorial:

The story of the tutorial centers around Moana and Maui as they sail through unknown territory across the ocean. As students follow Moana and Maui’s travels, they learn basic coding commands that help steer the boat.

Along the way, students will meet conditionals, sequences and loops as they master the art of navigation. When Moana and Maui are suddenly attacked by coconut-clad warriors, they must use their coding skills to dodge their pirate projectiles and penetrate their defenses.

How much fun does that sound? Will you be trying out this free coding tutorial? Let us know how you get on

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12 Comments to “Disney’s Moana helping kids to learn to code”

  1. Jasper says:

    This is wonderful for children to learn to code.

  2. Carlos Pinto says:

    I like your blog, it is so helpful for kids!

    Can adults can use this blog to?

    Keep you blog more fun and entertaining.

  3. Carlos Garay says:

    I like that you show children how to code mixing it with fun and alao one famous Disney character. Does this really help them get better at coding and with their navigation skills? You should make more of these about coding for kids with other famous characters or movies.

  4. TargetGirl says:

    Do you not use this blog anymore?

  5. TargetGirl says:

    Do you not use this blog anymore?

  6. Hira says:

    Hey nice blog please mines new one 🙂

  7. SZR says:

    Hey nice blog about moana

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