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What do families talk about? Not much, it seems



A new survey carried out by children’s newspaper First News has found that 77% of children have nothing to say to the rest of their family. They admit to running out of things to talk about when the family is together at the breakfast and dinner table.

First News is now urging parents to switch off the TV, put down the smart phone and re-ignite conversation among the family.

“We were shocked when the results came in” said Nicky Cox, Editor of First News, “This dearth in conversation could be down to a host of factors; perhaps children’s ever growing reliance on social and digital media for interaction or possibly a lack of subject matter which children deem relevant to discuss with their parents. Either way 77% is a scarily high figure.”

Indeed it is. Why do you think children are saying they have nothing to talk to their parents about? Is it that they think parents aren’t interested? Have they spotted that Dad’s eyes glaze over when the topic of Minecraft comes up? Are parents listening as much as they could?

Here are some ideas to get family conversation going again

  • Start a family book group, where you all read the same book
  • Watch a movie together – and that means really watching it, no checking your smartphone while the TV is on in the background
  • Take turns to say one good thing and one not so good thing about your day
  • Turn the TV off when you’re having meals. Radio or Spotify is OK, and singing is positively encouraged
  • Plan the next family holiday together
  • Talk about which superpower you would each like to have, and why
  • Interview your parents on your blog or YouTube channel

Does your family talk together? What do you like to talk about?


photo credit: usdagov
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  1. Matt says:

    Well, it’s not shocking if the parents don’t ask the kids about anything and don’t show interests at all. Just turn the TV off.

  2. alexis says:


  3. Blu219 says:

    This is a great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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