Blogging our way through life!

If you’re a child who blogs and would like to be part of the Kids’ Blog Club, here’s a badge to display on your site:


Below is a special badge for any child bloggers who’ve been featured on our site – maybe we mentioned you in a post, or you wrote a guest post or left a comment. This makes you an official Brilliant Blogger and this is the badge for you:



All you need to do to display the badge on your site is to copy the code in the box and put it on your site via the dashboard for the badge to display.

To add a badge to a Blogger blog: Log in. Click ‘Design’, then ‘Page Elements’, then ‘Add a Gadget’.

To add a badge to a WordPress blog, Log in. Click on ‘Appearance’ then ‘Widgets’. Drag the box for Text Widgets into your list of widgets – the box will then open up and you can paste the code in and hit Save. Job done. Sometimes people have trouble adding the badge to a WordPress blog – if this happens then try pasting the code on to your computer’s Notepad, then cut again and use the code from there.

If you like you can leave a comment below if you’ve used the badge so we can come and visit your blog to say hello.