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Half term blog spring clean checklist
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blogging in the holidays

Do you have a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to do on your blog but have never quite gotten round to? I know we do!

School holidays are a great time for catching up on all the stuff that gets pushed aside when you’re busier.

So what’s on your half term agenda?


  • Start a blog
    Ah yes I knew I meant to do something creative this half term
  • Write some draft posts
    Plan ahead for times when you’ll be too busy to blog but still want to have new content so regular readers don’t get bored. Sit down for a couple of hours and write 4 or 5 posts. Then either leave them in draft or schedule them for when you want to publish.
  • Check for broken links
    A broken link means that the page you linked to is no longer working. Too many of these will affect your place in search engines negatively, so it’s best to delete them. You can check for broken links using this tool.
  • Create some images
    A good image can be a blog post in itself. Draw or take some pictures and practice using photo editing techniques such as Picmonkey  or iPiccy to improve them.
  • Get to grips with vlogging
    A simple video blog where you just speak into the camera can be quick and easy to do, or you can explore more advanced editing and other movie making techniques if you want to make a film for your blog
  • Go somewhere new and get inspired
    If you’ve run out of ideas for things to blog about you’ll probably find more inspiration in the real world than staring at the computer hoping for a great post to write itself
  • Change your blog design
    Are you bored of looking at the same old template? Is it time for a whole new look?
  • Think about social media
    Ask your parents which types of social media they’re happy for you to use. Not everybody needs a Twitter handle, Facebook or G+ page but they can be a useful way to spread the word about your blog.
  • Tell people about your blog
    Sometimes the simplest ways are the best to find new readers. Email your blog link to a few trusted friends or relatives.
  • Leave comments on other people’s blogs
    If you leave a comment, they’re more likely to return the favour and come and visit your blog. Find new blogs to read and comment on in our Brilliant Blogs section. Set yourself a target to leave 5, 10 or more comments.
  • Tell us about your blog
    We are always looking for new children’s and teens’ blogs to feature on our Facebook page and on Twitter, but you need to tell us that you exist first. Leave a comment below or drop us an email.

What are you planning to do with your blog in the school holiday??

picture credit: Spree2012
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1 Comment to “Half term blog spring clean checklist”

  1. Sarah says:

    If anyone is still struggling for ideas, another option is also indoor bowling, there are plenty of Tenpin Bowling alleys around. Even better, its active and indoors – just incase we have the great British weather over half term.

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