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How to deal with haters


In general we find that the reaction to child bloggers is very positive – it’s cool to see someone young getting creative and finding their voice online. Blogging is an exciting hobby where you learn a lot and have fun at the same time – this is what makes it great for all ages.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone will like what you do, and not everybody likes blogging or bloggers.

Once you put yourself out there, and especially if you extend into using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the greater the risk that you’ll run into someone who disagrees with you.

And some people just like to disagree – unfortunately there are those who get a kick out of winding people up (known as trolls), or don’t stop to think that it’s mean to pick on kids.

A lot of this negativity stems from jealousy – blogging may bring opportunities and attention your way. Mean-spirited people only see the cool stuff that you get and not the hours of work you put in to create your blog in the first place. Haters think that if you do well then it in some way diminishes them – it’s all about their fear and ignorance.

I feel sorry for jealous people – if somebody was totally secure and confident in themselves then they wouldn’t feel the need to criticise others.

Also, on the internet many people speak anonymously so they will often be much meaner than they would be if they were talking to you face to face.

Please don’t let the fact that haters exist put you off blogging. Because if that happens then the haters will have won. And there are far more nice people in blogging than nasty people anyway.

If you receive a criticism, ask yourself if it’s justified or simply someone else’s opinion. If the criticism is justified then maybe you have a lesson to learn. But often that’s not the case, and the problem lies with the hater and not you. Don’t let an anonymous idiot destroy your confidence.

And most importantly – do what you can to support other bloggers like you. Look after your tribe and they will always look after you.


Have you had to deal with any blogging haters? What did you do? Leave a comment below


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2 Comments to “How to deal with haters”

  1. amber rose says:

    to deal with a hater is easy its like a bully tell an adult or teacher and they will take good care of you

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