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How to write the About page on your blog

Today we have a great guest post for you from teenage blogger Lydia who writes at Musings of a Word Nerd.

She’s sharing her thoughts on what you need to put on the About Me page of your blog to help it stand out.

This can be a tough page to write but Lydia has some great advice. Be sure to check out her blog and say hello.

Lydia says:

When writing the About Me page on your blog

  1. Set the tone
    Usually, prospective readers will check out your about page to gauge whether they’ll enjoy your blog. You need to take this opportunity to establish what kind of blog you intend to write. If you intend to contemplate 17th century literature in a serious and pensive tone, a witty and casual paragraph about yourself is misleading.
  2. Paint a picture of yourself using intriguing detail
    Set yourself apart from the crowd. Even if you do enjoy some overwhelmingly generic hobbies, add some color to them with intriguing detail. Maybe you do enjoy reading, baking, and animals; but by saying that, you could be describing any one of millions of kids around the world. Change that to ‘I enjoy reading science fiction (especially books with aliens and a heaping of sarcasm) I also cook a mean snickerdoodle, and my favourite animal is the Hungarian goose.’
  3. What to actually put on it?
    Anything and everything will fit on an about page, but first, you need to build up a basic skeleton, of the following elements:
  •  Basic information about yourself; it is, after all, an About Me page. Try and present it creatively; 10 facts about yourself, a collage of things you love, a paragraph in third person (as if you’re meeting yourself), or an interview. People like to read about the adventures or opinions of people like them; so you need to establish what kind of person you are, what you like etc. so that likeminded people will seek you out and become a much loved follower statistic.
  • More information about yourself, this time tailored to your niche. If you blog about books, try a list of your favorites. If you blog about music, try an online playlist of your favourite songs. Establish your credibility on the topic.
  • A blog policy; what you will tolerate, and what you won’t accept. This doesn’t need to be long and official; just a couple of sentences on what will get a commenter reported, plagiarism etc.
  • A contact email (do not use one that blatantly reveals personal information like an address, unless you want adoring fans or unwanted axe murderers knocking on your door.) Make a new account specially for your blog if you need to. (After all, you don’t want your normal account inundated with fan mail.)
  • Information about your blog; what you blog about (or intend to) and a blogging schedule so people know approximately when to check back on your blog. If you only intend to blog every second Sunday, people who check daily will become disgruntled and assume you have abandoned your blog, when really you’re just trying to keep your promises by sticking to your schedule.


You can read more from Lydia at Musings of a Word Nerd

Get in touch if you’re a kid blogger who’d like to write for us here

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5 Comments to “How to write the About page on your blog”

  1. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the tips I will do that now.

  2. Jasmine says:

    I just did my about me page hope you like it.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I just did my about me page hope you like it.

  4. Rukiya says:

    Hi Jasmine please check out my blog its called Shine ‘N’ Elevate. My blog is literally about everything and I think loads of people would enjoy it if they just knew about it. Thx. Please tell me what ur blog is called.

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