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Kid Blog Star of the Week – Bowen’s Blog @ Around the World in 80 Anthems
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We have a really special new blog for you this week as our Kid Blog Star of the Week, like no other that we’ve featured before – say hello to Bowen who writes Bowen’s Blog as part of the Around the World in 80 Anthems site.




What makes this blog so special is that it’s part of a global adventure that’s just been undertaken by Bowen’s family. This Canadian family decided to travel to 80 countries, with eleven-year-old daughter Capri singing the national anthem of each country in the national language.

Their nine year old son Bowen was the blogger of our trip and he wrote dozens of posts as the family traveled. They’ve now completed their trip, but you will be hearing more about it via a forthcoming documentary and book. How cool does all that sound?

So go find out more about the adventures of Bowen and his family by visiting his blog now and maybe say hello by leaving a comment.


Kid Blog Star of the Week is where we highlight an amazing blogger aged under 16 from somewhere in the world. Some of them will have been blogging for a while, and others will be newbies.

But they’ll all have one thing in common – we think they’re AMAZING. And if you’d like to submit your blog for consideration, leave a link in the comments. The only rule is that at least one of the people writing the blog has to be under 16.

But more importantly, please visit our featured bloggers and leave a comment to let them know you enjoyed their blog.


To Bowen – You and your family are just amazing – well done on your wonderful achievement. You get to wear the special KidBlogStar badge so here’s the code to pick it up



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  1. Jasmine says:

    Fantastic, well done. :-). I blog too on

  2. Broderick says:

    Hola es la tercera vez que visito esta website
    y me he decido a comentar. encanta este blog. Que ¿temausa?

    me gustaria poder usarlo para mi sitio pero no lo encuentros.

    ¿Es algún CMS como WordPress ?

    Si no molesta, no veo ningún marcador social como
    Digg creo que deberiais tener alguno. Yo recomiendo RSS dado que es facilisimo de

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