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Kid Blog Star of the Week – Stories for Kids by Isha



This week’s Kid Blog Star is the wonderfully creative Stories for Kids by Isha.





Isha is aged 9, lives in Saudi Arabia and is in 4th Grade. She loves writing stories, drawing and reading. All of the stories on the blog are her own ideas and are written by Isha herself.

If you haven’t seen this weekly feature before, each week we highlight an amazing blogger aged under 16 from somewhere in the world. Some of them will have been blogging for a while, and others will be newbies.

But they’ll all have one thing in common – we think they’re AMAZING. And if you’d like to submit your blog for consideration, leave a link in the comments. The only rule is that at least one of the people writing the blog has to be under 16.

But more importantly, please visit our featured bloggers and leave a comment to let them know you enjoyed their blog.



To Isha – You have a great talent, keep writing your stories! You get to wear the special KidBlogStar badge so here’s the code to pick it up


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7 Comments to “Kid Blog Star of the Week – Stories for Kids by Isha”

  1. Ella K. says:

    Cool! I like your blog. MY blog is
    I am a kid at age 10 and I love blogging.

  2. Livy says:

    Can I be featured? It would be really fun. I like to blog because it makes me happy, and it makes other people happy. I also have written a book.

  3. Oliver and Zak says:

    it was good and I maneged To send a blog thanks

    • Josh says:

      Hi Oliver and Zak are you having a nice week. What Easter egg are you getting. Im having a whisper Easter egg. Josh.

  4. Daniel and Josh says:

    Hi Isha are you having a nice week you must like reading.josh and Daniel.

  5. Isha says:

    Thank you for this honor.

  6. says:

    Ӏ ɗo know!? Said Lаrry. ?I ԝager hе likes angeels as a result of
    Һe has them around all oof the time. Perhaps he and the angels play family video games like we do sometimes.
    Possibly they play Monopoly.? Тhis made Mߋmmy chortle really ɦard.

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