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Kids, how will your parents embarrass you this summer?
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Embarrassing moments are always great fun to blog about, especially when they’re not your own.

New research by children’s record label Zeamu Music has found that parents taking to the dance floor tops the list of embarrassing parent behaviour.

Zeamu Music’s research involved over 700 children aged between 4 and 10 throughout the UK. They asked:


What do you like most about summer holidays?


  • Not going to school                                                            81%
  • Being able to do what I want to do                                        8%
  • Staying up later                                                                      6%
  • Going away on holiday                                                         5%


What do you NOT like about summer holidays?


  • Parents embarrassing me                                                  64%
  • Having to do more chores around the house                        26%
  • Going to family events e.g. weddings                                    8%
  • Not seeing my school friends                                                2%


What do you find most embarrassing about your parents when you go on holiday?


  • Dancing                                                                            73%
  • Wearing swimming trunks & costumes                     15%
  • Building giant sandcastles                                             10%
  • Falling asleep with their mouth open                            2%


Who is the worst dancer?


  • Dad                                                                                   89%
  • Mum                                                                                  11%



Poor old dad! What did he do to deserve that?



What else do you not like about summer holidays with your parents?


  • Sharing a tent/ hotel room with your parents              58%
  • Making you do things parents did as kids      e.g. Punch & Judy               25%
  • Listening to their choice of music in the car                 10%
  • Taking family photos                                                 7%


Any of this sound familiar? Will you be blogging about your embarrassing parents this summer? What are your best and worst bits about the summer holidays?

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