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How to make fun photo collages for your blog



We’ve often said that images are key to a great blog, and best of all is if you create your own images.

But what to do if you’ve taken more photos than you can use, or if you want to fit lots of photos into the same post?

You could make a photo collage, which is a collection of lots of smaller photographs grouped together.

Collages are also a great way to make your photos look better if you’re not a very skilled photographer and you don’t have one single killer image that’s good enough to feature in itself.

Plus they are easy and fun to make.

Luckily there are lots of ways to do this easily both online or from your tablet or phone. For some of them, basic access is free, but you may have to register or pay to access the more advanced features. Sites you can use without registering are great for kids because that’s one less place that’s got your email address.

As well as making photo collages, these tools can be used to re-size your images and add cool effects and text.

Here are 5 photo collage sites and apps that we recommend:

  1. Fotor
    This is what we used to create this collage of our logo. Available as both a site and an app, Fotor is fun to play around with and has many options for jazzing up your photos.
  2. PicMonkey
    We’ve been using this for a few years, and it’s great fun and easy to use although can be slow at times.
  3. Instacollage
    This is a nifty little app for your phone so you can make collages very quickly and share them easily
  4. Picasa
    This is Google’s image organiser, but it also comes with inbuilt tools so you can add effects and make collages too.
  5. Photovisi
    This is a super simple collage maker which doesn’t have the extras that some of the other sites do, but that’s OK because there’s less to be distracted by and it makes it easier to use. Good for beginners!


Do you have a collage maker or photo editing tool to recommend? Leave a link below


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  1. JC Gibbs says:

    Hi! I love your tips for bloggers. Collages do come in handy whenever one doesn’t have many stellar photographs for a specific post as you mentioned it. And of course collages are lots of fun! 🙂

    I’m the Community Manager at BeFunky and since you asked for photo editing tools or collage maker recommendations I’d love to share ours.

    Our Photo Editor / Collage Maker is also free (web/mobile) and very easy to use. Please do let me know if you have any questions about our app. Cheers!

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