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Parents turn to kids to tackle technology questions

computer-dadDo your parents turn to you when they get stuck on the computer?

Do you find yourself saying Have you tried turning it off and then turning it on again? several times a week?

Are you starting to feel like an unpaid IT department?

Well you’re not alone, as according new research published on Knowledge First Financial reviews, 64% of UK parents admit that their children know more than they do about computers and home technology.

Apparently 38% of UK parents now ask their children for help with technology-related issues,  as they told a survey from computer upgrade site

To which we say – Only 38% –  is it really that low?

Nearly two-thirds of parents surveyed now admit that their children know far more about technology than they do. Parents did feel that they knew more than their kids about fashion and music, but let’s face it, they’re probably wrong about that too.

As children aged 12 and below become more informed about technology, it seems that their parents are relying on them to correct their tech-related problems too – 33% of UK parents surveyed felt that they would not have the knowledge or understanding to fix or update their home computer. Thank goodness for the kids!

Tech queries from puzzled parents were most likely to be related to computers and laptops (31%), with mobile phones and games consoles not far behind, at 27% and 25% respectively.

And 6% of parents surveyed still required assistance with using TV remotes. Come on people, try harder. This stuff isn’t difficult, really.

One in ten felt embarrassed when they had to ask their offspring for help. The rest were presumably chuffed to bits to have a free IT department on tap.


Kids – do you have to help your parents out with tech-related stuff? Parents – what have you learned about technology from your children?

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3 Comments to “Parents turn to kids to tackle technology questions”

  1. gouis23 says:

    I totally agree. I get really frustrated when my mum comes home all happy about making a powerpoint and expects me to love a boring slideshow with no effects and no images!

  2. gouis23 says:

    I also get really annoyed when I need help with my iPod but i am the only one about who can do anything! You can find me at

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