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PicMonkey – Your blog will love this site
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Images are a really important part of a blog, and it’s a good idea to aim to have at least one picture per post. Have you ever wondered how some blogs have super fancy, impressive-looking pictures on them? Here’s a site that will help you do it.

It’s called PicMonkey and is free and very easy to use – we use it all the time for our blogs. It lets you change the size of pictures, add frames and all sorts of cool effects. You can even put lots of pictures together to make a photo collage. It’s a bit like Photoshop which might already be on your computer, but it’s much easier to use. And the great part is, even if you’re a rubbish photographer, you can still create great images for your blog.

So you can take something like this really boring picture of an apple:


Run it through the filters and effects of PicMonkey, and within seconds it’s transformed into One Cool Apple:

Here’s El from Eljae who’s had some PicMonkey fun and turned a plain picture into a really fun image for her blog, then put the two together to make a collage:

So go have fun creating some cool images with PicMonkey and leave us a link to your work in the comments.

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8 Comments to “PicMonkey – Your blog will love this site”

  1. Super Tom says:

    This looks really cool! I will try it out soon on my blog. From Tom.

  2. Joanne says:

    Good luck Tom! I think you’ll find it a lot of fun. Right now they have new Halloween themes so you can make some spooky pictures.

  3. […] blog post in itself. Draw or take some pictures and practice using photo editing techniques such as Picmonkey  or iPiccy to improve […]

  4. Mimi says:

    I know that this is a (relatively) old post, but this looks like a LOT of fun. Who doesn’t like a cool apple?

  5. Mimi says:

    You can also use PicMonkey to design a fun blog button.

  6. […] Picmonkey is a great site for creating blog buttons. Just save a picture to your computer and start editing! This website has fantastic effects such as Andy Warhol and “Intrepid” which are hilarious to experiment with. Another bonus is that if your picture is of a person, the site has a section where you can airbrush anyone with features such as “teeth whitener” and “red eye remover”. […]

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