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Guest post: Style Tips from Tween Girl Trends

Today we have a double dose of fashion advice for you, with this exclusively written guest post from Victoria and Antonia at Tween Girl Trends.


Victoria says:

Scarves are a very popular accessory. You can wear them during every season. I personally love them.Scarves are used for pretty much everything in fashion, such as belts, headbands, shawls. Even boys can rock this look. You can use a scarf to create a cute sandal, as you will see in some of the pictures below.        Below is a scarf by Ralph Lauren. It’s a white and red polka dot scarf. Here’s a floral and printed scarf

that is very cute.    Now here are some tutorials on how to tie and wear scarves. You should try them out. They’re really cool!!  


Thank you Victoria!


Antonia has a quiz for you:

What’s your style?
1. A friend just got a double piercing in her ear. You’ll be getting one…
c. Idk, but there might be a better place for a piercing
d. Maybe one day

2. You usually wear your hair…
a. Neatly combed with a classic cut
b. Full of hair spray and fun stuff!
c. Whatever everybody else is wearing
d. In a ponytail

3. You’re going out to a party. How long will it take you to get ready?
a. 10-15 minutes
b. AT LEAST an hour
c. It depends
d. No time at all

4. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which would you bring?
a. White tees and khakis
b. Your entire closet. Got to look good
c. Who needs clothing for a deserted island?
d. Swimsuit

5. Your favorite place to shop is…
a. Gap or aeropostle
b. Kohls or target
c. Thrift Stores
d. Dick’s Sporting Goods

6. You go to the movies… which would you probably, watch?
a. Nicholas Sparks or a Hallmark Movie
b. Triple dog Dare or some R movie
c. Horror Movie
d. Avengers

7. How would your friends describe you…(BE HONEST )
a. Reliable and Realistic
b. A trendsetter
c. Ultra Individualistic
d. Laid back and easy going

8. What is one item you would hate to be without…
a. A polo shirt
b. Just one item?!?
c. Tights
d. Hoody

If you got mostly A’s….
You are a timeless gal! You are all about a clean and classic look. Not to say you are boring. It doesn’t take to much time to get dressed and you can feel confident in what you like. YOU go girl!
If you got mostly B’s…
You are totally trendy. With your nose buried in a fashion magazine, you love to see the new trends. Looking great comes naturally to a fashion fanatic like you!
If you got mostly C’s…
You are independent when it comes to style. You love thrift stores and maybe even vintage. You love making new outfits and patterns!

If you got mostly D’s…
Feeling comfy and causal is everything to you. You love sweats (WHO doesn’t?) You are a sporty girl!

XOXO~ Trendy tween Antonia


Thanks so much girls!

If you love crafts and photography follow Antonia’s other blog,

And you can check out more fashion tips from Victoria and Antonia at Tween Girl Trends or check out their great pics on Instagram.


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  1. Creativity should be learned at an early each like this kid. You have an informative and useful information shared about scarves, which is helpful not only for kids but also for girls out there. Good job kid!

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