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Survey finds that kids prefer to read on screen
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A thing of the past?

A thing of the past?

A new survey from the National Literacy Trust has found that a majority of young people aged 8-16 prefer to read a computer screen rather than a printed book or magazine.

Nearly 35,000 kids took part in the survey, which also found that almost all children have access to a computer at home, with 4 in 10 of them having their own tablet device.

52% of them said that they preferred to read on a screen. Only 32% expressed a preference for the printed page, with the rest not being bothered either way.

However, fiction leads the pack when it comes to paper preference, with 53% preferring to read novels in book format. But 23% said they read fiction on smartphones – presumably not terribly long novels on those tiny screens.

The good news is that reading is still popular amongst kids – it’s just that the format they’re choosing to do it in is changing. Does this mean that libraries and bookstores will have to become centres of technology too?


What do you think – do you still read books and magazines? Or have you ditched the printed page in favour of a Kindle or tablet?


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