Blogging our way through life!

    Today we heard about a group of children in the USA who have set up a kid’s advice blog – and they’d love some input from you. Their teacher Ms Ratliff writes: My name is Jessica, and I’m a fifth grade teacher from Sikeston, Missouri. This year, one of my students had the […]


Today we’re talking blog design. Are you starting to create a blog and wondering how you can get it looking great? Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and your blog design is due for a refresh. Here are some great blog design tips from a teenage blogger to help your blog stand out in cyberspace. […]

Here's Suki!

Today we have a guest post from a wonderful 10-year-old blogger who specialises in reviews. Suki writes at Suki’s Soho all about what it’s like to be a child living in Central London, and all the fun places she visits. Here are her top tips for anyone who wants to write great reviews on their blog. Suki […]

Today we have a super-stylish and informative guest post from Leilah who’s recently launched her blog Red Converse and Stuff at the age of ten. Here she shares what she’s learned from starting her own fashion blog: How to start a fashion blog   Hi my name’s Leilah, and I write a blog called Red Converse and […]

summer computer people

Have your summer holidays started yet? Some schools have already broken up, whilst others don’t shut for another few weeks. But one thing’s for sure – summer holidays are on their way, and for kid bloggers this means only one thing – MORE TIME TO BLOG. Here are some ideas for blog posts you could […]

WWF - teach cliamte change campaign

  Do you ever wish you could have a say in what you get taught in the classroom? Now WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are asking you to do just that. In the UK, the government’s education secretary, Michael Gove, has proposed to take climate studies out of the National Curriculum. WWF strongly oppose this decision and […]

Today we have some fabulous words of advice for anyone who wants to start a fashion blog. This post was written by 12 year old fashionista Blossom who’s from Lincolnshire in England. And if you’re already a fashion blogger, leave a link in the comments so we can check it out.   Hello there, readers of […]


In general we find that the reaction to child bloggers is very positive – it’s cool to see someone young getting creative and finding their voice online. Blogging is an exciting hobby where you learn a lot and have fun at the same time – this is what makes it great for all ages. But that doesn’t mean […]

kid blogger

If you’re starting a blog and you haven’t created an ‘About Me’ page then you’re missing a trick. Readers love to find out more about the person behind the blog. It gives the blog more personality and can help it to stand out. It makes you seem like a real person that readers can connect […]


Today we have a guest post for you from experienced blogger Natalie Trice. Natalie’s been looking at some of the best apps which will help you out when blogging – and the good news is that they’re all free. Natalie says: Blogging isn’t just writing the odd post here and there. You need to come up with new […]

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