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Disclosure is a pretty hot topic amongst bloggers right now and you might have seen several articles about it published. But what does it mean for children who blog, and how should we include disclosure in our posts? Don’t panic! First of all, don’t panic because for most of you it won’t make any difference […]


    This Saturday, you’re being invited to switch off. At 8.30pm, it’s time for WWF’s Earth Hour.   What is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is a campaign supported by WWF, the World Wildlife Fund. It’s an annual event aimed at focusing people’s attention on the planet and how we can protect it. Hundreds of millions […]


So you’ve written a fabulous blog post. Your dad likes it, your cat likes it, but is anybody else actually going to read it?     If you are a child who blogs then you may not have a Twitter feed, Facebook page or other social media networks to tell when you’ve published a new […]

Every day is Mother's day really

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK, and the blogging mums have already started posting about it. Some are giving hints for possible gifts and others are having a right good moan and announcing themselves to be thoroughly fed up with the whole business. If you’re a kid blogger, how about giving your mum […]


One of the UK’s top child bloggers, 11-year-old Jake of Jake’s Bones has landed a book deal . Jake’s been writing his blog about his hobby of bone collecting since he was seven and has thousands of fans all around the world. His new book, also called Jake’s Bones will feature a cartoon version of […]


  Today we have our first contribution from a kid blogger from Hong Kong     Teenager Cerc writes about life in Hong Kong on her blog Cercalicious. Here she tells us about what it’s like to be a teen blogger in Hong Kong, where she gets her inspiration and some advice for new bloggers.   Hi! […]

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Reviewing is very popular amongst children’s blogs – we all have opinions about the things we experience and where better to share your opinions than on your blog? If you have an established blog then you may find that companies will offer to send you stuff so that you can review it. Over on Eljae […]

The Olly Book Blog

Blogging about books is particularly popular amongst kids – it’s a great way to share your views about books you’ve read with the wider world. And reading kids’ book review blogs is a fantastic way to discover new books to read because you know you’re getting an honest opinion from a young reader like you. Today […]

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blogging in the holidays

Do you have a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to do on your blog but have never quite gotten round to? I know we do! School holidays are a great time for catching up on all the stuff that gets pushed aside when you’re busier. So what’s on your half term agenda?   Start […]


Do you have to do lots of writing to be a good blogger? Do all blog posts have to be very long? What’s an easy way to create a blog post when you don’t have much time? Here are some ideas for the kind of blog posts you could create – and some of them […]

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