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This week’s Kid Blog Star is a wonderful teenage blogger from Australia with a beautiful blog – say hello to Hello Bubblegum         The blogger behind Hello Bubblegum is 14-year-old Brittany. Brittany is a longtime reader of KBC and has been inspired by all the great young bloggers around the world to […]


Today we’re meeting an inspirational and entrepreneurial blogger aged six. Camille Bolap lives with her family in Pangnirtung, a small community in Nunavut, Canada. Camille is currently starting a business (with the help of her parents) and blogging about her business and other adventures here.   Camille, tell us about your business? How did you get to […]

Nemesis Inferno 1

  Thorpe Park, home to some of Europe’s most exhilarating rides and attractions, is looking for thrill-seeking bloggers aged 9-15 to write about the park. If you’re chosen, you’ll get free tickets for an unforgettable family day out. If you would like to apply to be a blogger for Thorpe Park, email them via this […]

marusa - ponytail girl

Today we’re delighted to welcome a very special kid blogger – 10 year old Marusa. Marusa, who comes from Slovenia but now lives in England, is a real inspiration. Not only does she write her own blog, Ponytail Girl,  she’s also published a book. Marusa started writing Morris & Henry and the Sheep Who Wanted to […]

wordpress tools

So if you’re going to start a blog, you’ll need a place to build it. The two main free blogging sites, or platforms as they’re known, are Blogger and WordPress. Both will let you start a blog for free, add images and videos easily and check how many people have looked at your site. Both have a minimum […]


    Fashion company Isossy Children is looking for bloggers to review their clothes – and they want to hear from you. Isossy Children specialise in global clothing for boys and girls aged 8-14. Their vibrantly coloured clothes, which are made in England, are designed to reflect a variety of international cultures. You can check […]


What do children whose parents blog go on to do? Start a blog of their own of course. Meet Betsy Lou – she’s five (almost six) and we think she could be Britain’s youngest blogger. Following in the footsteps of her blogger parents, Betsy Lou writes lovely poems and tales of what she’s been up […]


Today we have a fabulous guest post from the teen queen of style, Hannah from FashChalet. Here are Hannah’s top tips for  anyone just getting started in blogging:   My blogging experience and why kids should blog by Hannah Hamilton “I am currently 13 and I started a blog called Original British Girl when I […]

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The blogging ranks have swelled by one today – but it’s a big one. DC Comics has revealed that Superman is leaving his newspaper job, and Wired reports that he’s bound for blogging instead. Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent has worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper since the comic launched in the […]

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What every child blogger needs

So what should you do if your child wants to join the bloggerati?The great thing about blogging for kids is they can quickly create something that looks impressive and have fun in the process. It’s great forliteracy, IT skills and imagination. As long as you the parent keep an eye on it and don’t let your child […]

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