Blogging our way through life!

We love highlighting fantastic kids’ blogs here on KBC, but we know many of you have now branched out beyond the blog and are creating all sorts of other cool stuff. Vlogging (video blogging) is a great creative hobby because you can make any kind of film you want to. As a kid vlogger you […]

A new tech camp is opening for UK kids to help them build their skills in the school holidays. The leading holiday tech camp provider for children and teens in the UK – Fire Tech Camp – has teamed up with Bristol 2015 Ltd to offer a series of new camps for kids in Bristol […]


    We’ve told you before about awesome young authors who’ve had books published even as young as aged 10 – like Heather, Marusa,and Siddharth. Now a new service has launched to help more authors of all ages unleash their creativity and get published. So if you’ve written a book for children, you could be […]

Happy 2nd Birthday

We’re back from our summer break, and would you believe it that KBC is now two years old! We’ve been sharing information, news and opportunities for kid bloggers and their parents for the last couple of years, and plan to go on doing so as long as you keep visiting the site. And unlike most […]


Spring is in the air and lots of fabulous new blogs have started popping up. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites – check them out, leave a comment or two and show them your support: Project Indigo Doctor Who fan Tom is going on a journey through time and space and wants you […]

heather ellis book

Hello, my name is Heather Ellis and I am 10, from Yorkshire in England. Nice to meet everyone! You might think I am quite young and yet to learn to write synonym, but I released my third children’s book in December 2013. With help, I got it released on Amazon – I thought that people […]


Do you ever find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to write all the blog posts you want to write? Or that writing a blog by yourself can feel a little lonely sometimes? Well, today’s teenage guest blogger Sarah has found a solution to that as she’s got her friends involved in writing her blog. […]

A thing of the past?

A new survey from the National Literacy Trust has found that a majority of young people aged 8-16 prefer to read a computer screen rather than a printed book or magazine. Nearly 35,000 kids took part in the survey, which also found that almost all children have access to a computer at home, with 4 in 10 […]


Have you ever wanted to star in a TV show, talking about the things that matter to you? A UK TV company is making a programme about what it’s like to be a kid today – and they’re looking for people to take part. Dragonfly TV are seeking 10 – 12 year-olds who would like to take part in a […]

new blog ideas

It’s Spring – traditionally a time for new births and fresh beginnings. Time for a new blog maybe? Ever since children’s blogging was featured in the Daily Telegraph, we’ve been hearing from lots of kids and parents around the world who are just getting started in blogging. One of the most inspiring things you can […]

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