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Are you hoping Santa might deliver some hardware to help your blogging progress? This year there are a bunch of tablets such as the Meep and the Kurio specifically designed for kids. But do you even need a children’s tablet? Would it be better to go for a ‘normal’ one like a Nexus 7 or […]


Even adult bloggers run out of ideas sometimes. So if you’re a kid blogger, with less life experience to draw upon, will your well of ideas run dry? So if you get stuck, here are some ideas. Even if you only post once a week, it’ll take you a year to get through this lot. Review […]

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This is a post we published a while ago at Eljae which lots of people seemed to like so we hope you will like it too. If you are unfortunate enough to be surrounded by people who do not appreciate your awesomeness, those people might call you names like Nerd or Geek. Feel sorry for […]

News of the El

El from Eljae has been featured in the children’s newspaper First News! It’s the issue dated 7-13 September and it’s on page 16 in the Kids Mean Business section. Go El!   The paper is looking for more creative and entrepreneurial kids so get in touch at this email address if you’re interested in being featured […]

We're so SEO

This is a list we first published over on Eljae – it shows 10 fantastic kid bloggers we have found. It’s in no particular order – they’re all equally brilliant. Here on KBC we’re going to be featuring lots of ace kid blogs so leave a comment if you would like to tell us about yours. […]

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