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    We’ve told you before about awesome young authors who’ve had books published even as young as aged 10 – like Heather, Marusa,and Siddharth. Now a new service has launched to help more authors of all ages unleash their creativity and get published. So if you’ve written a book for children, you could be […]

heather ellis book

Hello, my name is Heather Ellis and I am 10, from Yorkshire in England. Nice to meet everyone! You might think I am quite young and yet to learn to write synonym, but I released my third children’s book in December 2013. With help, I got it released on Amazon – I thought that people […]

Emily Baker

It’s hard to know who’s reading when you publish your writing online. Maybe your mum, a few of your friends if you tell them about it. If you’re lucky one of them might even leave a comment. But for one teenager from Lincolnshire, online writing resulted in her being discovered by one of the world’s […]

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