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Tips from a 10 year old on starting a fashion blog

Today we have a super-stylish and informative guest post from Leilah who’s recently launched her blog Red Converse and Stuff at the age of ten.

Here she shares what she’s learned from starting her own fashion blog:

How to start a fashion blog


Hi my name’s Leilah, and I write a blog called Red Converse and Stuff, it’s a fashion and beauty blog. I would really like to share some tips about starting a fashion blog. So here are a few tips!


Creating a fashion blog

Decide on a name – Choose a name that is related to fashion, like my blog’s name. Do you love pearls? Call your blog the Pearl Palace. It’s easy!


Choose a theme – Choose a good theme, something stylish and simple. But always add a personal twist.


Writing Posts

Always be creative – Nobody Likes a boring blog with no creative side to it, have some confidence to do something crazy and radical! Do anything that’s different and out there!


Be funny – A funny blog means more readers, make up funny but true comments.


Always write exactly what you’re thinking – Don’t try to sound clever, when you’re writing about something you don’t really know about.


Do you think you’re ready to take on the fashion world? Yes? Well go for it! I hope you like my blog post!


Read more from Leilah at Red Converse and Stuff


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