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5 ways to make money from your blog
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monetise-blogIf your blog really takes off then you may want to make it your job, or at least the source of a little extra pocket money. There have been many linkedin automation tools that might have helped you in the past, but if your blog is eye-catching to the masses of public, then you may very well consider this to be your source of income. You may think that your blog is too small for that now, but even Zoella had to start somewhere.

So here are some ideas to think about if you want to make money from your blog:


5 ways to make money from your blog

  1. Advertising
    You may find that if your blog takes off, you will start to get approached by potential advertisers. Then you can either sign up with an advertising network or negotiate directly with the advertiser (almost certainly resulting in a better deal).
  2. Selling books
    We’ve seen quite a few kid bloggers write and publish their own books over the last few years, so this is something that’s already happening. If people are interested in reading your words on your blog then they may be interested in reading them in book format too. If you do really well, you could even write about how to make money as a blogger.
  3. Affiliate links
    This is how affiliate links work – if someone clicks through your link, you’ll earn a royalty on anything they buy in that transaction. Probably the most well known affiliate scheme is run by Amazon. Anyone can sign up to this, and it’s worth doing if you link to a lot of Amazon products already.
  4. Consulting
    This is an enjoyable type of work where a company pays for your opinion. However, these are the sort of jobs that don’t get advertised, you have to wait for them to find you. If you have a reasonable sized network via your blog and Twitter, then companies will find you.
  5. Sell products
    Stitched a cushion? Made a cake? Written a book? Built a time machine? A blog can easily bolt on to an online shop, so think about what products you could make and sell via your blog.


How would you like to make money from your blog? Leave a comment below

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  15. Consulting is probably the hardest way to make money form a blog. Selling books, products, advertising and affiliate links are easier because they can be done at the “micro” level. Consulting is more of al all-or-nothing approach

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