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How to write an anonymous blog

blogging-legend-in-trainingThis is a subject that comes up a lot in children’s blogging – should you have an anonymous blog, and if so how do you do it?

Some kid bloggers are happy to have their identity on their blogs, and do so with their parents’ full consent. They see blogging as a way of gaining tech and literacy skills that may help a future career. Or possibly they see blogging as a career in itself, and want to be the next Zoella.

Equally, many kid bloggers prefer to stay anonymous. They know that the things that they write about at 13 won’t relate to who they are at 30, so they create an online identity that can be switched off if necessary.

Tips for Writing an Anonymous Blog
  • Don’t use your real name. Use a blogging name that you don’t use anywhere else on the internet. So it shouldn’t be your username for Steam or your school nickname. Staying fairly anonymous is important especially on YouTube when companies like The Marketing Heaven can bring those first likes and more will follow naturally, but if it goes sideways it’s always better to protect your name.
  • Don’t mention any personal details that might give away your identity. This includes the school you go to, so avoid having any photos that show your school uniform or logo.
  • You can mention where you live, but not the address. If you live in a small place then maybe mention the wider area.
  • Don’t give your date of birth – this includes publishing a post on your birthday. You could always post a few days later and mention “It was my birthday last week” if you want to talk about it
  • Set up a new email account to register your blog, which doesn’t have your name or details attached to it. Or use your parent’s email address (with their permission, of course).
  •  Don’t show your full face in photos, or if you do, use a filter to make you less recognisable.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of this if you are happy for your blog readers to recognise you. Or you could go semi-anonymous, where you show your face but not your real name.

All of these things are issues to discuss with your parents if you are under 16 and starting a blog. Remember that if you do stay anonymous, many secret bloggers have still had their identity uncovered. It’s not a license to write whatever you want, and there’s always the chance that you may not stay anonymous for ever.

Is your blog anonymous or not? Why did you decide to do it like that? Leave a comment below

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