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10 things to consider before you start your brand new blog



We’ve had a lot of emails lately from children and their parents who are getting into blogging for the first time, but aren’t sure how to begin. We recommend taking time to read some of the posts in our Starting a Blog section, because that will have a lot of information to help.

In addition, you might want to think about these things:

  1. What will you call your blog? Is there already a blog with that name?
    It’s a challenge to come up with a blog name that nobody’s used before, but you can do it. Do plenty of searching on Google to check that there’s not already a blog with the same name as yours.
  2. How anonymous will you be on your blog?
    Should a child blog under their real name or not? It can be fun to be anonymous. Even if you blog under your real name, don’t give away information such as exactly where you live or go to school (maybe just say the general area).
  3. What topics will you write about?
    Make a list of the things you are interested enough in to want to blog about regularly. Your interests will change over time so don’t box yourself in. My Terrific Twilight Blog isn’t going to fit if you wake up one day and decide you hate vampires.
  4. How often do you plan to post?
    Again, make a plan but feel free to change it depending on how busy you are. Some people blog several times a week, whilst others do it once a month.
  5. Have you got your parent’s permission? Are they happy for you to write a blog?
    Very important, especially since you are supposed to be over 13 to have a WordPress or Google account. Talk to your parent or guardian about what you want to do and share the log in details of your blog with them.
  6. How will you promote your blog?
    This is where your parents can help if they are on Twitter or Facebook. It’s not enough just to write the posts. If you want to find readers then you have to go out and look for them, and social media is a great way to do this.
  7. How will you illustrate your blog posts?
    All blog posts need an image. Here are 5 places to get free pictures for your blog.
  8. Will you be moderating comments?
    It’s a good idea to check comments for approval before publishing them to your blog, and this is probably a job for your parents.
  9. Will your blog include a way to get in touch?
    Are you happy for companies to contact you if they want to offer you something to review? If you are, include a parent’s email address or create a dedicated Gmail address for the blog. Don’t give out your own personal email address.
  10. Who’s going to read your blog and how will you let them know about it?
    Think about the friends and relatives who might like to read your blog and send them a link once you’ve started writing a few posts.

What are your top tips for brand new bloggers? Leave a comment below or write a blog post with your advice for new bloggers


image credit: Justin Russell

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  1. I like how you make people consider things they may not have thought of before they create a blog.

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