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5 easy ways to make movies for your blog

We’ve made a KidsBlogClub movie! Check it out – but I warn you it’s kind of spooky

Would you like to make original movies on your blog? It’s easier than you think, and can be done for free or at low cost.

It’s great fun, imaginative and creative too.

Here are some of the easy ways we’ve found to make films for our blogs:

Claymation studio dog cam

1.Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe (PC)
We love this system because it’s really easy to use and the camera looks like a little dog. You can use it to animate toys, figures, household objects – anything you like really. It currently retails from around £30.

Here’s a Doctor Who movie we made earlier using Claymation Studio:


2. iMovie app
This is what we used to make the spooky trailer above. It’s an app to help you make professional-looking films via an iPhone, iPad or iPhone and the great news is it only costs £2.99


3. Windows Movie Maker
This should be free on computers that have Windows. You can film footage via your phone or webcam, then use Windows Movie Maker to edit them, add credits and finally publish to Youtube, Vimeo or similar.


4. ZU3D Animation Kit
This kit is popular in schools and is now being made available for home use. Priced around £60, it contains software, a HD webcam, plasticine, green cloth for green screening and a mini set – all that you need to easily create exciting animations

Zu3D Animation Kit


5. Film it on a phone
If you only want a short clip and you don’t want to do any fancy editing then this is the most straight forward way to do it. Just remember to hold your phone sideways on when you’re filming – if you film with the phone held straight up then the final footage will look squeezed, like this clip we took of a speedboat ride:

You can even load your clip straight from your phone on to your blog – perfect for video blogging when you’re away from your computer.


Have you made any movies on your blog? Leave us a link!

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    i think you did a very good job

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