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We love highlighting fantastic kids’ blogs here on KBC, but we know many of you have now branched out beyond the blog and are creating all sorts of other cool stuff. Vlogging (video blogging) is a great creative hobby because you can make any kind of film you want to. As a kid vlogger you […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star is eight-year-old travel blogger Simon, who blogs at Planet Kiwi. This is our first bilingual blog, since Simon writes in both English and his mother tongue Polish:   .   Simon lives in Poland and has been travelling with his family all over the world since he was a baby. […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star is nine-year-old Francesca, who blogs at the simply fabulous Fashion With Francesca .     Francesca who’s from the USA, is a bit of a fashionista and has been giving her mom style tips since she was aged just three. She After receiving a sewing machine for her 8th birthday, […]

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This week’s Kid Blog Star is ten-year-old Lewis, who blogs about what it’s like to be Growing Up With Type 1 Diabetes. Lewis was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 4, and this is his story. He thought it would be nice to tell everyone about his good moments and the not so good, […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star has not one but two fabulous blogs – and he’s not the only blogger in the family. Eight-year-old Daniel from the UK started blogging at The Brilliant Chef, then moved on to blog about his other adventures on Outside of the Kitchen. Daniel’s brother also blogs at Joshi Moshi Blog and […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star is a wonderful teenage blogger from Australia with a beautiful blog – say hello to Hello Bubblegum         The blogger behind Hello Bubblegum is 14-year-old Brittany. Brittany is a longtime reader of KBC and has been inspired by all the great young bloggers around the world to […]

    This week’s Kid Blog Star is the wonderfully creative Stories for Kids by Isha.         Isha is aged 9, lives in Saudi Arabia and is in 4th Grade. She loves writing stories, drawing and reading. All of the stories on the blog are her own ideas and are written by Isha […]

  Hello and welcome to this week’s Kid Blog Star – and this week we’re welcoming a new star to the blogosphere as we salute the brand new blog –  Diary of Alfie.       Alfie is a seven-year-old video gamer who loves Stampy, Iballisticsquid and Minecraft. This new blog was just launched a […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star of the Week is the awesomely named My Life as a Pre Teen Dork This is a brand new blog for 2015, already filled with plenty of great posts by 10-year-old Emily from the UK, with a little help from her friends:           Emily is *slightly* […]

This week’s Kid Blog Star of the Week is the delightfully named A Little Bit of Sunshine. This great, inspiring blog is written by 10-year-old Noor from the USA. Noor started the blog in February 2014, when she was 9, so it’s just turned a year old – Happy Blog Birthday to you. It’s easy […]

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