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We’ve been approached by a couple of TV programmes who are on the hunt for young people and their parents to take part. Could you be a TV star of tomorrow? Could your story inspire others?   First of all, Redhouse Television are looking for kids with a taste for the finer things in life. […]


Our last Christmas gift guide gathered some of the cool new gadgets and tech toys that people aged 8-16 might enjoy. And there are so many ace cameras and accessories around for Christmas 2013, we thought it was worth dedicating a gift guide just to them. So which camera will capture your eye this Christmas? If you’re looking for a basic digital […]


Last week we looked at the Dream Toys list, compiled by toy companies based on what they think kids will want this Christmas. So what do you buy for the tech-savvy kid who just wants to be left to blog in peace? What are the latest gadgets and tech toys to make your Christmas stocking […]


Do your parents turn to you when they get stuck on the computer? Do you find yourself saying Have you tried turning it off and then turning it on again? several times a week? Are you starting to feel like an unpaid IT department? Well you’re not alone, as according new research published on Knowledge […]


Have you ever wanted to star in a TV show, talking about the things that matter to you? A UK TV company is making a programme about what it’s like to be a kid today – and they’re looking for people to take part. Dragonfly TV are seeking 10 – 12 year-olds who would like to take part in a […]


In general we find that the reaction to child bloggers is very positive – it’s cool to see someone young getting creative and finding their voice online. Blogging is an exciting hobby where you learn a lot and have fun at the same time – this is what makes it great for all ages. But that doesn’t mean […]

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We get a lot of emails from parents asking how they can best help their child who has started a blog. Or sometimes, from the slacker parents – Is my child starting a blog going to mean a lot more work for me? Well, yes, the truth is that it probably will mean a bit of […]

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Disclosure is a pretty hot topic amongst bloggers right now and you might have seen several articles about it published. But what does it mean for children who blog, and how should we include disclosure in our posts? Don’t panic! First of all, don’t panic because for most of you it won’t make any difference […]


    Fashion company Isossy Children is looking for bloggers to review their clothes – and they want to hear from you. Isossy Children specialise in global clothing for boys and girls aged 8-14. Their vibrantly coloured clothes, which are made in England, are designed to reflect a variety of international cultures. You can check […]


Today is Safer Internet Day – though really, every day is a day to keep safe on the internet. Even if you think you’re doing all you can to play safe online, take a few moments today to think about whether you and your family are using the internet as safely as you could. Safer […]

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