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Say hello to a wonderful Kid Blog Star of the Week – it’s Zoe from Kids’ Animal Station       Zoe is now 12 and has been writing her blog since she was eight, so that makes her a veteran in kid blogging terms. She loves animals, and she loves writing, so the blog […]

Time to meet another amazing Kid Blog Star of the Week, and this time you’ve got two for the price of one – say hello to Drew & Katelyn who are StoryTwins.     Drew and Katelyn are 11 year old twin bloggers on a mission to spend more time reading &and writing; and to inspire […]

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Time to meet another amazing Kid Blog Star of the Week, and this week it’s the turn of the vloggers – say hello to funny film makers Reese and Noah.         This Youtube channel promises daily fun and adventures from the life of ten-year-old Noah and his sister Reese, who live in […]

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Time to meet another amazing Kid Blog Star of the Week – say hello to Chelsea from Dreamcatcher         Chelsea’s from London and started her blog at the beginning of 2016. She intends to cover a wide range of topics, from fashion to cooking to crafts to book reviews. So something for everyone […]

  It’s been a while, so let’s meet another amazing Kid Blog Star of the Week – say hello to Mika from The Sci Fi Pie!       Eleven-year-old Mika is from Poland, but currently lives in County Meath in Ireland. He comes from a super social media family, since his mum also has […]

Today we have an inspiring guest post from Ashley who’s in 10th grade at school in California and blogs at Fun Science Experiments.  Ashley is a Girl Scout who wants to make a difference in the world. She’s particularly passionate about the lack of female representation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Why don’t more […]

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  Hello and welcome to this week’s Kid Blog Star of the Week – let’s meet eight-year-old Tristan from The Adventures of Mr T and George.       Tristan has just turned 8, and you can follow his adventures as he gets guinea pigs for his birthday – check out the great house he’s making […]

  Hello and welcome to our first Kid Blog Star of the Week for December, and we have a crafty teen to introduce to you today in the shape of thirteen-year-old SLH Crafts.         I don’t think we’ve featured a crafty kid blogger for a long time, but this one is worth […]

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  We have a brand Kid Blog Star of the Week to feature today – please welcome ten-year-old Esha who’s recently started blogging at Passion for Fashion:         As the name suggests, Esha is crazy for fashion, but that doesn’t mean she’s a slave to it. She uses her fashion know-how to […]

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  We have an extra-cute Kid Blog Star of the Week for you today – meet Ari who writes at aribebop:         Ari is 11, lives in the UK and has a younger brother and a pet guinea pig called Coco. The blog features all the stuff that Ari loves including doodles, short […]

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