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Bella Fern

Today we have a guest post from the wonderful teenage blogger Bella Fern from Knilly Frickers. Here Bella talks about how blogging can help you become more confident, make friends and influence the world:   I’m quite a shy person in real life. However, just because I can be quite nervous, doesn’t mean that I […]

Recently we looked at the issue of copyright, and why it’s not OK to simply rip images off Google. A great image can really draw in readers and support the words you’ve written. So what do you do if you want a beautiful picture to illustrate your amazing blog post? Well, it’s easy really. Here […]


So you’ve written an awesome blog post, and now all you need is the perfect picture to go with it. How do you do that? Well, the first thing not to do is simply rip it off the internet. You might think that it doesn’t really matter, that everybody takes images off the internet, but […]

This post contains some great advice about how to create and promote your blog posts from 9 year old Noor who blogs at The Adventures of a Wonder Kid Keep in mind that your online presence can be whatever you like, but when it comes to your business it should look professional. Check out What […]


Today we’re joined by Dr Bex Lewis from Durham University, author of Raising Children in a Digital Age (Lion Hudson, 2014). She’s been featured on BBC Radio 2 ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, and in The Daily Telegraph and is Director of social media consultancy ‘Digital Fingerprint’. Dr Lewis writes: Like many children, Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds blog was started […]

safer internet day 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day, supported by over 500 organisations, including the BBC, Tesco, Microsoft, Disney Club Penguin, Facebook, Google and the NSPCC. So let’s remind ourselves of what you can do to stay safe on your blog. Here at KBC we think that having a blog is a great way for children to learn […]

Th!nk Authors Pic

What do you do if the traditionally published magazines and websites don’t feature the kind of things you and your friends are interested in? How about making your own online magazine instead? That’s what three friends from Florida have done. Grace, Sara and Ainsley (pictured below) are all aged 12 and have combined their talents […]

Today we have a great guest post from one of our kid bloggers. We first met 10 year old Leilah when she began blogging at Red Converse and Stuff. Recently Leilah decided to start a new blog. This is one of the great things about blogging – you don’t have to stick with your first […]


Today we’re talking blog design. Are you starting to create a blog and wondering how you can get it looking great? Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and your blog design is due for a refresh. Here are some great blog design tips from a teenage blogger to help your blog stand out in cyberspace. […]

Here's Suki!

Today we have a guest post from a wonderful 10-year-old blogger who specialises in reviews. Suki writes at Suki’s Soho all about what it’s like to be a child living in Central London, and all the fun places she visits. Here are her top tips for anyone who wants to write great reviews on their blog. Suki […]

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