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There has been an enormous rise in children starting blogs over the last few years – so much so that traffic to this site has doubled in the last month. Why is blogging for children so popular now? What makes a tween or teen want to start writing their thoughts down online? Here are some […]

A free blogging workshop for UK young people aged 12-18 has been announced for October 2013. The workshop takes place in Manchester on the afternoon of Monday 28th October (first Monday of half term) and is part of the Manchester Science Festival. Participants will learn the basics of editing websites using HTML. If you don’t already have […]

Today we have a super-stylish and informative guest post from Leilah who’s recently launched her blog Red Converse and Stuff at the age of ten. Here she shares what she’s learned from starting her own fashion blog: How to start a fashion blog   Hi my name’s Leilah, and I write a blog called Red Converse and […]


It’s the start of a new school term, and what better time to check out some of the new class of kid bloggers. Many of these bloggers have started blogging over the summer, and we hope their blogs continue for a long time to come. Visit them, leave a comment and give them your support: […]


Sometimes people get put off blogging because they think that you have to write very long posts, and that you must be an amazing writer who gets an A+ on every English class assignment. Not so at all. Here’s a secret:   You don’t have to be an amazing writer to write amazing blog posts […]


In the last post we looked at SEO AKA Search Engine Optimisation and how it may or may not be relevant to your blog. The thing I find most interesting about SEO is that it’s always changing. It’s not like there’s some secret recipe which will shoot your blog to the top of the search […]


You might have seen the term SEO mentioned a lot and be wondering what it means, and how it applies to your blog. Does a kid blogger even need to think about SEO? Well, it could bring more readers to your blog and if that’s something that’s important to you then it’s worth finding out […]

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The question we get asked most often is – How do I create a free blog for kids? But the truth is – they’re (almost) all free – both WordPress and Blogger will allow you to set up a free blog, and almost all of the kids’ blogs we link to from here have been […]

Today we have some fabulous words of advice for anyone who wants to start a fashion blog. This post was written by 12 year old fashionista Blossom who’s from Lincolnshire in England. And if you’re already a fashion blogger, leave a link in the comments so we can check it out.   Hello there, readers of […]

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We get a lot of emails from parents asking how they can best help their child who has started a blog. Or sometimes, from the slacker parents – Is my child starting a blog going to mean a lot more work for me? Well, yes, the truth is that it probably will mean a bit of […]

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