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Blogging can be a great hobby to bring the family together and today we have a wonderful guest post for you from a family who do just that.

The Gribbon family in Northern Ireland blog together with mum Karen and her three daughters aged 10, 6 and 3 at Raising Mighty Girls.

Blogging in a group like this can work really well because there’s always somebody who has a fresh idea and you can encourage each other.

Karen takes up the story:


The Family that Blogs Together Stays Together!

Our family blog is all about raising mighty girls!

A mighty girl is someone who is

• kind to others and herself

• resilient in times of challenge and able to ‘bounce back’ from difficult experiences

• courageous when trying something new or facing a tough situation

• happy with who she is!


Why write a blog?

Immersed in a high level marketing career, I decided to take time out to stay at home with my three daughters. Rachel 10, Molly 6 and Lara 3.

Being at home full time, every minute of every day I was thinking solely about them….their challenges, successes, problems, joys. I was overwhelmed so I decided to write a blog as an outlet for my ramblings, to seek advice from others and to share my experiences.

As I began to research raising girls, it became evident that there are differences between boys and girls in the formative years. Differences in how they react to situations, to praise, to failure, to success. A perfect place to talk to other parents about all of this would be on a blog!


The Gribbon Girls Review…

After a few months, the girls decided they wanted to write too! They all love to read! So, book reviews were an obvious feature. We believe the answer to almost everything in life can be found in literature. Reading makes room for calm, creative thought and fun imaginative play.

Also when looking for new books for the girls, it struck me that almost all book reviews for kid’s books are done by adults. Really I wanted to know what kids thought of the books! And so ‘The Gribbon Girls Review’ feature was born!


Thoughts from Rachel, age 10

I love writing the book reviews. If someone reads a book because of what I have written, then brilliant! How cool is that!

Click through to read a book review from Rachel


Thoughts from Molly, age 6 and Lara, age 3

We love sitting with mum, chatting about the book and seeing the things we have said on the computer screen. Then when people say they enjoyed our review, we get so excited!

Here’s one of Molly’s and one of Lara’s book reviews


Come Join Us

If you’re a parent, come chat and swap stories. If you’re a child, share your own book reviews with us. Which books do you recommend?

It’s not always easy being a mighty girl and there are lots of skills to learn and characteristics to nurture but it is possible! With help from parents, teachers and friends, every girl can be mighty!

Here’s our blog Join us on our mission!

Karen and The Gribbon Girls

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  1. Your blog is very deep in your personal thinking.

  2. Erinn and Abbie says:

    This blog is really inspirational, I love the fact this is about raising strong confident girls and helping them live life to the fullest! Thanks for sharing this amazing information with us!

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