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How to create a family book club
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family book club

Books are one of the most popular topics for children’s blogs. It’s great to share the books you love with others.

So have you ever thought of starting a book group in your own family? You know what they say – the family that reads together gets smarter together.

OK, nobody says that. But they should.

Today, blogger Holly South shares with us her top tips for starting a book group in your own family.

Holly says:

Children can be reluctant readers. One of the keys to getting my children to read is to discuss books with them. When they show interest in a particular series, or are reading a book at school, I read the same. Then, at dinner, or while we’re driving from one activity to another, I discuss the story with them. What do they like about it? Have they gotten to the exciting part? Wasn’t the ending sad?

What I really enjoy though is the more formal aspects of a family book club. Everyone reads the same book; everyone discusses the story together. Your family has the opportunity to share viewpoints from boys, girls, younger children, and older ones.

If you’re interested in forming a book club for your family, use these tips to get started:

  • Limit the size of the group
    A family book club is most readily enjoyed with your immediate family. However, you may want to invite others over to discuss the book. Ensure that the group remains small enough that everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.
  • Identify the best time and place to hold your book discussion
    Dinner has worked for our family as we’re already sitting down to eat and, since everyone is also eating, everyone has a chance to speak while the others are chewing. Discussions can also be held in your car, your living room, or your backyard. Any location will work so long as you have the attention of your family members.
  • Schedule your book club for a year out
    Establish a regular meeting time, such as the first Monday of the month, to keep everyone on track with their reading. Choose books for the year and allow everyone to make one or two of the selections.
  • Plan a meal or snack that reflects the story
  • Prepare materials for related games and activities
  • At least one week before, confirm that everyone has read the month’s selection
    If not, try reading the story with your child for a half hour before they go to bed.
  • Allow your discussion to wander off topic
    Sharing anecdotes and other news of the day is a wonderful way to connect your child to a story. Have a list of questions handy to refocus the conversation if you need to, but remember that these nights are as much about being together as anything else.
  • Preview the book for next month
    Have a copy for everyone or allocate times when everyone will have a chance to read if you are sharing a single book. Take time while to predict what the story will be about and whether or not it will be enjoyed by all.

Now, get reading!

Copyright by Holly South 2014

Holly South lives in Honolulu, HI with her husband and two children. You can read more of her work at and Her debut book, Sell Your Stuff, Save Your Life, provides a sixty day plan for raising the funds you need to start your emergency fund by selling your “stuff.” Find it on Amazon, the iBookstore, and


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4 Comments to “How to create a family book club”

  1. what a fabulous idea! We often read a book together with the children (the ones I really love to read are the ruby redfort series as I won’t let them read it without me as I don’t want to miss it!) We also read Megan Rix’s the Great Escape together as a family as I wasn’t sure how emotional it might get and wanted to make sure the kids understood what was happening and had me there to support them if it did get tearful. x

  2. samsara says:

    Nice! We read books in family but never thought of the book club. It sounds good idea.

  3. samsara says:

    Nice! We read books in family but never thought of book club. It sounds like a good idea!

  4. Yim says:

    I enjoy how the writer organized his ideas as well as the visual component.

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