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Do you know your GIFs from your TIFFs?
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A survey of children aged 7 to 14 has found that they are more fluent than ever in tech-speak.

The research by exam revision service Education Quizzes found that  90% of seven to 14-year-old children know that HTML stands for ‘HyperText Markup Language’, while 80% are aware that HTML tells web browsers how to display information on a webpage.

77% also know that URL stands for ‘Uniform Resource Location’. Meanwhile, 82% know that CPU is shorthand for ‘Central Processing Unit’ and 65% know that WiFi is short for ‘Wireless Fidelity’.

This is very depressing for those of us adults who can barely tie our shoelaces.

Almost two thirds (65%) of under-14s know that a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is not a suitable image format for web, while more than three quarters (76%) know that JPEGs are the all-round best format for photographs used on the internet.

Almost two thirds (64%) can identify a ‘thumbnail’ as a low quality image used to link to a larger, higher quality one. And why are they used? The same number knew that this is to improve web page loading times.

However, fewer children know what GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are: the best file format for web images without many colours. Even less know how to tidy their rooms.

When it comes to data more than three quarters (77%) of children know that it’s stored in computers in ‘bytes’ and more than half (54%) are aware that eight ‘bits’ make a byte. Meanwhile, 45% are also up to speed on the role of web servers as computers that deliver web content on request and 60% know that ‘bluetooth’ isn’t cause to visit a dentist but a wireless technology allowing people to transfer files from one device to another across a short distance.

But whilst tech knowledge may be on the up, more traditional general knowledge is less evident. Almost half of school children from the same age group cannot identify who invaded England in 1066, and more than four in ten (44%) don’t know which century the Second World War took place in. Another 17% aren’t sure what a paramedic does.

 What do you think of these findings? Does it surprise you? Are all children today more tech savvy than their parents?


image credit: Barrett Web Coordinator
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  1. Lexie says:

    Well I am 9 and did know quite a lot of those. My I’m not totally tech at all!

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