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Guest post: Kid blogging in Hong Kong, courtesy of Cerc


Today we have our first contribution from a kid blogger from Hong Kong




Teenager Cerc writes about life in Hong Kong on her blog Cercalicious. Here she tells us about what it’s like to be a teen blogger in Hong Kong, where she gets her inspiration and some advice for new bloggers.


Hi! I’m Cerc, a 14 year old blogger from Hong Kong and the creator of Cercalicious Blog


In Hong Kong, most people speak English as a second language and Cantonese as their first. However, I go to a private school so I speak English most of the time. I’m glad to be living here because not many other teenagers or kids blog in HK, so it gives me a lot of things to write about and I don’t have to worry that other people have already blogged about what I want to post! I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants to share with readers from Hong Kong because there aren’t very many blogs about food in the area.


Hong Kong is a very international city, so I often like to post on different cultures. Recently I have done a Chinese New Year post, which describes what we usually do during the holiday. I celebrate Christmas as well, and have done a haul on that. Cooking is also a hobby of mine, so I love sharing recipes with my readers. So far I’ve only done some Western recipes, but I look forward to sharing some Chinese cuisine if anyone’s interested!


When taking photos for your blog, make sure the quality is good enough – there’s nothing people hate more than blurry pics! Also, I like to focus on a specific theme. For example, on Valentine’s Day, I put together a pink display.


As for writing tips, I would say you must always check your work. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s super important! Get a friend or family member to read it out loud and give you feedback – and don’t be afraid to accept it.


It’s also good if you write in a variety of different styles: poetry, reviews, opinion pieces, lists, etc. Lastly, keep if regular. And by this I mean don’t post every day for the first week and then forget about your blog for a month. Instead, think of a manageable plan – I blog once a week, every week.


I first started blogging in October 2012 when I was 13. It was actually an idea of a teacher, who suggested that blogging would be a great way to “save” your best pieces of writing and works. It’s also a great way to look back and see how much you’ve improved in writing. If you aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea, my best advice would be just to go for it! Blogging can be kept anonymous, so don’t be shy! It really helps your creativity, and you can write whatever you like – sometimes I put random poems on my blog that I thought up of in the shower!


For parents: Blogging encourages teenagers to write more, read more and better connect to the rest of the world.


So what are you waiting for? Go and make a blog!


You can read more from Cerc at Cercalicious

If you’re a kid blogger who’d like to write a guest post, get in touch here

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