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Guest post: My blogging life by Hannah from FashChalet

Today we have a fabulous guest post from the teen queen of style, Hannah from FashChalet.

Here are Hannah’s top tips for  anyone just getting started in blogging:


My blogging experience and why kids should blog

by Hannah Hamilton

“I am currently 13 and I started a blog called Original British Girl when I was 12. My first blog was inspired by Liberty London Girl; I love reading her blog and I love the life she is leading and that is what I wanted – then I realised that my posts were all on the basis of fashion, style or beauty so I stopped blogging for a couple of months just to think about what I wanted to do. Then I started Brit Fashion Girl, which is now Fash Chalet.

I don’t get thousands of views but I am not doing it for the traffic, I am doing it because I enjoy it and I want to do it. People ask me all the time ‘what is the secret to blogging?’ and I don’t think there is a secret to blogging.

I think blogs are great because they are a small space of the World Wide Web that is yours and you call the shots; it is a great place for you to write about what you enjoy. I love blogging because it is like my little haven, I call the shots and it is my space where no one can tell me what I can and can’t do (within reason, obviously). Blogging is also educational (believe it or not) because you are practising your reading and writing skills (killing two birds with one stone).

My main tip for blogging is to write a blog that YOU would want to read, don’t worry about what other people think because you aren’t doing it for them – you should be writing your blog for yourself; they are so many people in the blogging business for the wrong reasons and those are the blogs that I hate reading.

I get inspiration for my blog posts from anywhere and everywhere, I always carry my camera around with me; even if it is just my phone. Also, if I ever get inspiration for a post I write it down and I don’t even try to make a mental note of it because I have THE worst memory ever.”

Hannah Hamilton


Thank you Hannah!

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