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How can you support your child’s blog?

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We get a lot of emails from parents asking how they can best help their child who has started a blog. Or sometimes, from the slacker parents – Is my child starting a blog going to mean a lot more work for me?

Well, yes, the truth is that it probably will mean a bit of work on your part. But don’t be put off. It’s unpaid work, but still very rewarding.

The amount to which parents help their child with their blog varies a lot, usually related to how old the child is. Your teenage beauty blogger is not likely to consult mum or dad on the latest WordPress theme they’ve chosen, whereas a younger child probably will need a lot more support.

Here’s how a parent or guardian can help their child with their blog:

  • Register the blog – WordPress and Blogger don’t let people under 13 use their services, so you may need to do this. This means that you will get all notifications to your email (which can be a good thing if you want to moderate comments).
  • Do the typing – Blogging is great for children’s literacy skills, but if they find the typing part too wearing they may well give it up. For younger children, a parent can type out posts that their child dictates. Keep it true to your child’s voice and don’t be tempted to copy edit.
  • Help with ideas for new posts – if you do something fun as a family, or your child has a new hobby, suggest that it might make a good blog post. Don’t nag though. And if you come up with too many ideas, start a blog of your own.
  • Take pictures – Great pictures can really enhance a blog. Perhaps you could take the pics if your child comes up with the words.
  • Talk to them about online safety – this is more than just a one-off chat, it’s an on-going conversation.
  • Promote it via social media – your child may not have a Twitter or Facebook account, but you might and you can use it to let people know about your child’s latest post.
  • Loan out your tech – let your child use your smartphone or iPad for blogging or creating images.
  • Respect their decision if they want to stop – Not everybody wants to blog long term. Encourage your child to continue but if this hobby has run its course, that’s alright too.
  • Buy them an iPad – OK, it was worth a try.

If your child asks you to help them with their blog, they’re asking you into their world. And that can only be a good thing for family relationships. So don’t roll your eyes and groan because it’s added to your ‘to do’ list. Be happy that they want you in their world.


What do you think parents can do to help their child with their blog?

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    This is good information for parents to help their super bloggers.

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