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How to have a successful review blog

Today we have a guest post from a wonderful 10-year-old blogger who specialises in reviews.

Here's Suki!

Here’s Suki!

Suki writes at Suki’s Soho all about what it’s like to be a child living in Central London, and all the fun places she visits. Here are her top tips for anyone who wants to write great reviews on their blog.

Suki says:


Hi my name is Suki. I’m 10 years old  and I live in Soho, London.

I consider myself very lucky to live in Soho because I get to eat in all the best restaurants, patisseries and visit beautiful places. Plus there’s so much to see and do here you can never get bored.

I wanted to share my experiences especially to tourists who are planning to visit London and give them an honest review. I hope that my blog helps them when it comes to making choices what to see, do and eat.


My top tips for a successful blog on reviews would be:

  • Use images and video if possible especially when it comes to food and days out an image can say a lot.
  • Be honest but don’t focus too much on the negative, we don’t want businesses go bust.
  • For example if the food isn’t great and the service was then be kind but still honest and say you were not impressed with what you ordered but the staff were really nice.
  • Be regular, try and blog as much as possible to encourage your audience to come back
  • Get out as much as possible and try new places
  • Write about what you love, why write about something you don’t know? It has to come natural
  • Post your blog on Facebook & Twitter and ask your school friends to subscribe and share – this will help you get more visitors.
  • Blog on other blogs to help market your own


You can read more from Suki at Suki’s Soho


Do you have some blogging tips to share? Get in touch if you’re a kid blogger who’d like to guest post for KBC

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2 Comments to “How to have a successful review blog”

  1. Lexie says:

    So true. Thanks Suki. Love your blog.

    Hope mine is as good as yours.

  2. Ines says:

    Thanks for the tips.They really helped my blog to be a successful review blog.

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