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How to stay safe on a child’s blog

safer internet day 2014

Today is Safer Internet Day, supported by over 500 organisations, including the BBC, Tesco, Microsoft, Disney Club Penguin, Facebook, Google and the NSPCC. So let’s remind ourselves of what you can do to stay safe on your blog.

Here at KBC we think that having a blog is a great way for children to learn about online safety in an active way.

It’s all very well learning about this stuff at school, or getting told about it by your parents, but sometimes you need to do a thing yourself to fully understand why it’s important.

So here are some reminders on how to stay safe when you’re a kid who blogs

  • Keep your parents in the loop
    Talk to them about your blog, why you want to write it and how you plan to stay safe in doing so
  • Agree with your parents how anonymous you want to be
    Will you keep totally anonymous, with no pictures and an assumed name? Or semi-anonymous, with maybe first name only? Or you could keep your blog totally private, so it doesn’t show up on search engines and only people with a password can see it.
  • Remember that WordPress and Blogger are supposed to be for over 13s only
    If you are under 13 then your parent will have to open the account and add you as a user
  • Don’t give details of where you live or go to school
    If you live in a big city then you could probably refer to the general area, but don’t give enough detail so that anyone could work out where you live.
  • No identifying details
    That includes the logo on your school shirt, or showing  your street name
  • Respect other people’s privacy
    Not everybody wants to be on a blog, so think about other people in the background of photos you take (even if it’s in a public place). If you refer to your friends or teachers, change their names unless you have permission to do otherwise.
  • Parent’s email only for contact, or contact form
    It’s not always a bad thing if someone wants to contact you via your blog – sometimes companies will want to get in touch to ask you to review stuff. But don’t give your personal email address. Either use a contact form, or a parent’s email (with their permission) or set up a gmail address specifically for your blog
  • Don’t post in anger
    Never post something you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, or assume that the person you’re referring to won’t see it. If it’s on the internet, it’s out there and everybody can see it.

What do you do to keep safe on your blog?

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2 Comments to “How to stay safe on a child’s blog”

  1. We always try to be careful about photos and making sure no one else can be identified in them. We encourage the kids to try to keep ‘blog life’ and ‘home life’ totally separate so they know not to mention schools, teachers or school friends online. It can be hard not just for kids but for everyone to know how much info to share. I know some bloggers don’t name their kids and others do – so it is really hard to judge what’s best. Email is always supervised by us and although we try not to interfere with content of writing we always double-check all blog posts that the kids write before hitting the publish button.

  2. Gratuluję autorowi ciekawego artykułu !

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